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VCOM Campus

Current Research Projects

PI Name VCOM Investigators Project Title Funding Agency Campus
Christopher Reilly A novel role of transcriptionfactor EGR2 in regulating pathogenic plasma B celldifferentiation in lupus VCOM One Health Virginia
Jillian McCullough Darren Beck A high-density lipoprotein cholesterol nanoparticle mimic for the early detection and treatment of prostate cancer VCOM AUBE Auburn
Per Brolinson A Novel Rehabilitative Loading Approach for Improved Musculotendinous Healing VCOM One Health Virginia
Per Brolinson Biochemical Effects of Osteopathic Manipulation on Neuronal Function and Survival Foundation Virginia
Kenny Brock CD47-mimicking phage-peptide constructs for anti-cancer vaccinations VCOM One Health Auburn
Cerium Oxide nanoparticles in the treatment of traumatic brain injury None Virginia
Clay Pandorf Characterizing the structure-to-function relationship of a novel antisense long non-coding RNA associated with the type I/β myosin heavy chain gene of skeletal and cardiac muscle for potential drug-targeting VCOM REAP Auburn
Blaise Costa Per Brolinson, A Tobey Clearance of Brain Metabolic Waste in a Natural Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease by Cranial Osteopathic Manipulation Foundation Virginia
Developing a Blast Spinal Cord Injury Model and Evaluating the Use of a Neural Scaffold after SCI VCOM REAP Carolinas
Pawel Michalak Development and testing of environmental DNA protocols for detection of Yellowfin Madtom in Virginia State Louisiana
Per Brolinson Development of an Image-Guided Focused Ultrasound System for the Non-invasive Treatment of Injured Tendons VCOM REAP Virginia
Darren Beck, Jillian McCullough Development of the AU-NASH (Auburn University-Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitus) Research Program Auburn University Auburn
Patrick Fisher Effects of plant based AdipoR1 agonists on Insulin-independent Glucose Transport in Skeletal Muscle Cells VCOM REAP Carolinas
Darren Beck Establishment of a Center of Neuroscience (CNS) Auburn University Auburn
Pawel Michalak Experimental evolution of SARS-CoV-2 as a new tool to identify adaptive changes in the viral genomes with implications for replication, infectivity, and COVID-19 outbreaks VCOM One Health Louisiana
Darren Beck, Anna Kirby Extra-virgin olive oil prevents conversion of mild cognitive impairment to Alzheimer’s disease Auburn University Auburn
Pawel Michalak Hawaiian hoary bat conservation genetics: diet composition and population structure Federal Louisiana
Blaise Costa Identification and Characterization of Mechanically Distinct Novel Anti-Viral Agents VCOM One Health Virginia
Lin Kang Integrating Genotype, Phenotype, and Environment to Identify Biomarkers of Coronavirus Disease Severity and Transmission Federal Louisiana
Interrogation of T cell regulation by CBL family ubiquitin ligases to identify novel immunotherapy strategies VCOM REAP Carolinas
Ramu Anandakrishnan Katherine Baumgarner, Robin Varghese Investigating the effect of a rare mutation in Fetuin-B on the progression of Acute Myeloid Leukemia VCOM REAP Virginia
Melissa Lipsmeyer, Robin Varghese Mark Sanders Linking the gut microbiome, female reproduction and obesity: Identifying protective molecular mechanisms of the bacterial metabolite, Indole-3-propionic acid, in ovarian and placental cells against obesity-induced cellular stress VCOM REAP Louisiana
Pawel Michalak Lin Kang, Katarzyna Michalak, Homer Sutphin Next-gen vector-borne disease surveillance across VCOM subtropical and tropical sites VCOM REAP Louisiana
Zoltan Hajdu Origin of the left common carotid artery from the brachiocephalic trunk results in increased endothelial thickening facilitated by bone marrow-derived hematopoietic progenitor cells VCOM REAP Carolinas
Blaise Costa Pharmacological Characterization of NMDA Receptor Modulators: Using Engineered Microenvironments Representing Brain Disorders VCOM REAP Virginia
Kenny Brock Rapid Detection of Urinary Tract Infections Using Magnetostrictive Particle Biosensor Technology VCOM AUBE Auburn
Darren Beck Regulation of Luteinizing Hormone to Prevent Cognitive Decline of Reproductive Senescence and Alzheimer’s Disease VCOM One Health Auburn
Jillian McCullough Role of skeletal muscle mitochondrial supercomplexes in exercise intolerance Federal Auburn
Christopher Reilly Selective HDAC6 inhibition deceases B cell activation in systemic lupus erythematosus Federal Virginia
Vikas Sehdev Steven Enkemann Targeting L-type calcium channels with Amlodipine exhibits significant anticancer activity in Upper Gastrointestinal Cancers VCOM REAP Carolinas
Rebekah Morrow, K. Adam Morrow The Role of Intracellular Osteopontin in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension VCOM REAP Louisiana
Stephan Brown Utilizing Novel Model Systems to Define Novel Mechanisms Controlled by the Unique Kinase NIK during Colorectal Cancer VCOM One Health Carolinas