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State-of-the-art facilities for classrooms and research, anatomy labs, and high-tech simulation provide a first-class setting for medical education that's focused on a mission of service. 

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Our signature degree program, doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO) prepares future doctors to become well-rounded, community-focused physicians. In addition to the traditional MD training in a wide range of specialties, you'll learn a whole-person osteopathic approach to guide you in a lifelong mission of serving the underserved.

See overview in the Student Handbook (PDF)

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International, Appalachian, and Delta Region Programs

Each year, our students and faculty provide care to thousands of patients in underserved areas — whether in other countries or right in our own neighborhoods. These opportunities give you hands-on clinical field experience while providing life-changing care to those most in need.

Medical Outreach PrograMS

Sim Center Students

Simulation Center

The Simulation and Educational Technology Center was designed to provide a safe learning environment to promote humanism and professionalism in medicine, critical decision making, and clinical procedural competencies through manikin-based simulation, the Standardized Patient program, and the Clinical Skills program.

Simulation Center

VCOM-Affiliated Residency Programs

VCOM’s affiliated residency programs give students the opportunity to pursue specialized instruction and hands-on learning in two areas: Primary Care Sports Medicine at the Virginia and Auburn Campuses, and Osteopathic Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine (ONMM) at the Virginia Campus.