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VCOM's research mission is to advance scientific knowledge to improve human health

Commitment to Research

Part of the mission of the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM) is to advance scientific knowledge through medical research. VCOM strives to foster a culture of faculty growth and institutional excellence through support for faculty research, innovation, and scholarly work.


  • Clinical research investigates the safety and effectiveness of drugs, devices, diagnostic products, and treatment regimens intended for human use. VCOM’s clinical research program focuses largely on behavioral medicine, disease prevention, health education, and the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, specifically those prevalent in underserved and rural areas of southern Appalachian states.
  • Biomedical research involves investigating health-related issues, most often using non-human models such as animals or cell cultures, in an effort to lay foundations for advancements in medical knowledge and to answer questions about the basic mechanisms and pathways involved in specific diseases. 
  • Educational research and outreach programs at VCOM encompass the development of best practices to help students excel in their academic work, as well as help provide health-related services to underserved communities both at home and abroad.


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COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Guidance

This guidance applies to research in any VCOM operated lab, whether on a VCOM campus, rented lab space or collaborative University or clinical partner site.  While researchers will be required to adhere to the guidance provided by the host site, each investigator must recognize that VCOM has an obligation to ensure that faculty, staff and students are protected from unnecessary COVID-19 exposure regardless of outside authorities.

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VCOM Research Staff

Research Services

To reach our mission, VCOM fosters a culture of faculty growth and institutional excellence through support of faculty, resident, and student research, innovation, and scholarly work. Through the College's research programs, multidisciplinary biomedical, clinical, and community-based research is conducted.

Research Services

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DO with Research Distinction

Many students at VCOM have a desire to conduct research as part of their medical education experience. Faculty and students also recognize the importance of continuous advancement in medical practice through cutting-edge research findings. 


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