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VCOM Students


The fourth-year normally allows students to choose five elective rotations. It provides students with a significant amount of flexibility and the opportunity to schedule rotations in their specific areas of interest, whether to serve as audition rotations at specific residency programs or just to improve their overall knowledge and skills. This structure exists to provide students with an experience that enhances their medical education and meets their personal needs and interests. While simultaneously preparing them for the process of life-long, self-directed learning, and study that will be essential for the remainder of their medical careers.

In 2020 with COVID-19, students under the guidance of AACOM and AAMC it is not recommended for students to do greater than two electives outside of the VCOM core hospitals. The exception is for students who choose a residency not offered by VCOM core hospitals or where a student must return to a non-VCOM region for family support. Students should check with the director of 4th-year clinical rotations or associate dean with any questions.

Scheduling Fourth Year Rotations

All electives are approved by the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. Electives are for a minimum of four weeks unless a program only offers a two-week experience.  These two-week experiences must be approved by the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. Elective Rotations may be repeated.

Electives may be taken either at a VCOM core site or another site of the student’s choosing.

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
MED 8400 Elective Clinical Rotation I 4 credit hours
MED 8410 Elective Clinical Rotation II 4 credit hours
MED 8420 Elective Clinical Rotation III 4 credit hours
MED 8430 Elective Clinical Rotation IV 4 credit hours
MED 8440

Elective Clinical Rotation V

4 credit hours

* May be taken as a two or four-week rotation
^ Two-week rotation only
** International rotations outside of VCOM must be affiliated with a medical school, DOCARE, or a federally sponsored organization and approved in advance as equivalent by the International Department and the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. International rotations outside of VCOM are approved as electives only.