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VCOM Students

Medical Outreach Programs

VCOM's mission includes preparing "globally-minded, community-focused" physicians

As part of our mission, medical education at VCOM provides experience for future physicians to become national and international leaders through exemplary field experiences, academic preparation, and a deep commitment to healthy communities. The College's commitment to reaching rural and medically underserved communities has been core to the mission since the beginning, and the International Outreach program supports this mission through a culture of service, benevolent care, and curriculum to address the needs of underserved communities, and a continuum of educational experiences. In addition, these programs provide students with rewarding service-based learning opportunities.
VCOM's commitment to improving community health and addressing community and environmental issues worldwide is supported through numerous outreach programs annually. To further the College mission internationally, VCOM has established full-time medical clinics in the Dominican Republic and Honduras for sustainable care.

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    International Outreach Group

    International Outreach

    International Outreach provides a comprehensive program to serve the healthcare needs of communities in the Dominican Republic and Honduras. Students develop cultural sensitivity and skills to address significant health challenges that span borders and continents working with VCOM faculty in these regions.

    International Outreach

    Student AARP Health Fair

    Rural and Community Outreach

    Medical students at VCOM enhance their skills in providing patient-centered medicine through medical outreach activities in the Appalachian region. From the time they begin their medical education, VCOM students are actively involved in the local area health fairs, free clinics, community education, and other service-based learning opportunities to engage with the community, all while receiving instruction from experienced faculty and staff.

    Rural and Community Outreach