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Virtual Residency Events

The academic medical community has recognized the need to provide opportunities for medical student applicants to learn more about residency programs. VCOM collects and redistributes these open houses and fair opportunities.

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Interviewstream is a web-based practice interview program to assist you in preparing for interviews. 

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What is Interviewstream?

Interviewstream is a web-based platform that allows students to record a virtual interview using prepared questions that are specialty-specific.

The video can be sent to a reviewer for critique and feedback to include comments and recommendations to assist the student to become more confident throughout their interview preparation.

Interviewstream allows students to record multiple interviews, significantly increasing their potential to practice on-demand.

How do I access Interviewstream?

Login using your vcom email address and create an account.

How do I use Interviewstream?

A detailed tutorial is included in the Interviewstream suite. Select the “Basics of Interviewstream” located on the dashboard.

The Interviewstream basics course gives you an understanding of the interview solutions offered with Interviewstream, technical requirements for each tool, and contact information, should you need to contact the Interviewstream support team.

How long does it take to complete an interview using Interviewstream?

Recording an interview will vary among interviewees. Most will complete an interview in 30 minutes or less. While using Interviewstream, the interviewee can delay the interview and restart which can be helpful as you refine your interviewing skills.

Who will review my recorded interview?

You may share your interview with any reviewer who will provide critique and feedback. Initially, when preparing for residency interviews, each student will be paired with an interviewer who is prepared to give you feedback and recommendations on how you can refine your interviewing skills.

Interviewstream Resources

Interviewstream includes resources that are available to you relating to interviewing skills. It is recommended that you review and become familiar with this aspect of the platform. You will find these resources on your dashboard.