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VCOM Students

Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Medicine specialty at VCOM involves the delivery of emergency care to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Physicians in this field must rapidly assess a patient, develop a differential diagnosis, order appropriate diagnostic studies, and provide immediate life-saving and stabilizing interventions. Emergency Medicine practitioners integrate a solid understanding of all medical specialties, detailed knowledge of both medical and traumatic resuscitation principles, mastery of standard life-saving and diagnostic procedures, and a good understanding of the current research and evidence-based medical practices.

The goal of the emergency medicine discipline at VCOM is to educate and train knowledgeable, skilled, and compassionate osteopathic physicians. This program combines practical clinical experiences with a rigorous academic curriculum to ensure all graduating physicians have a fundamental knowledge of the emergency medicine discipline. During rotations, medical students gain the experience, knowledge, skills, and procedures needed to provide a basic level of compassionate emergency medical care through lectures, clinical labs, and experience in the state-of-the-art Simulation and Technology Centers on each campus. The emergency medicine program at VCOM is also sustained by the participation of experienced faculty and partner institutions. From large, regional Level 1 Trauma Centers to small, community emergency departments, students benefit from an outstanding educational experience reflecting the diverse patient populations and settings unique to the practice of emergency medicine.

Emergency Medicine Rotation Syllabus (PDF)