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VCOM Students

Medical Selectives

The fourth year allows students to choose two medical selective rotations. Medical selective rotations consist of clinical experiences involving both general medicine and subspecialty clerkships, occurring in inpatient and outpatient settings. Students have the flexibility to choose among several options to fulfill their medical selective requirement, which serves to ensure all students attain a solid foundation of medical knowledge while also providing them with the flexibility and opportunity to schedule rotations in specific areas of interest.

Medical selectives are usually completed at VCOM core training sites where the College has established clinical rotations, affiliation agreements, and appointed faculty. The Intensive Medical Selective may occur at a site with post-graduate education if approved by clinical affairs.

Scheduling Fourth Year Rotations

Students must complete a minimum of one rotation from Intensive Medicine Selective (MED 8205). The second medical selective rotation may come from either Intensive Medicine Selective or Medical Selective. In order to ensure students attain a broad scope of training, medical selective rotations cannot be repeated.

Medical selectives will be designated on student transcripts as:

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
MED 8205 Intensive Medical Selective 4 credit hours
MED 8215 Medical Selective 4 credit hours

* May be taken as a two or four-week rotation

Students with questions regarding medical selective rotations or curriculum should speak with their campus Discipline Chair of Medicine or Director of Fourth Year Clinical Rotations.