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VCOM Students

Sports Medicine

Primary Care Sports Medicine is a dynamic and rapidly growing subspecialty within the medical profession. The practice of sports medicine is the application of the physician's knowledge, skills, and attitudes to those engaged in sport and exercise. Primary Care Sports Medicine specialists recognize the need for a unique skill set in providing care for athletic and active populations. The goal of this clinical experience is to provide the medical student or resident with the appropriate training to evaluate and optimize the athlete-patients performance while mitigating the effects of acute and chronic disease and injury on health and performance. Those skills extend across a vast population of patients, including but not limited to pediatric athletes, high school athletes, university athletes, professional athletes, disabled athletes, geriatric athletes, and the general population who participate in sporting activities for health and fitness. Therefore, a broad-based primary care curriculum and a whole-patient approach to care are modeled, including regular incorporation of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM).

Sports Medicine Fellowship