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VCOM Students

Giving to Outreach

Giving to the International Medical Mission Fund, Appalachian Medical Mission Fund or The Global Seminar on Environment and Health is a great way to support those most in need.


International Medical Mission Fund

VCOM is actively involved in providing healthcare in the Central American country of Honduras, and the Caribbean country of the Dominican Republic. In these three countries, VCOM has partnered with local governments and organizations such as medical schools, faith-based organizations, and other non-government organizations to establish year-round permanent clinics. In addition to providing needed medical care for the underserved, these sites give an opportunity for our students to provide compassionate and altruistic care and to learn the importance of public health initiatives.


Appalachian Medical Mission Fund

Each week VCOM faculty and students provide care in free clinics in southwest Virginia and South Carolina. In addition, VCOM faculty and staff travel to rural Appalachia to provide health screenings, health literacy programs, and healthcare to Appalachian citizens most in need.


The Global Seminar on Environment and Health

Launched in 2007, the goal of the Global Seminar on Environment and Health, modeled after Cornell’s Global Seminar for Environment and Sustainability, is to advance knowledge of environmental factors related to human health, and to propose solutions. VCOM students and medical students from around the world participate in the seminar. The opportunity exists to sponsor the program or any segment of the program.