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VCOM Students

Endowed Gifts and Scholarships

Whether you wish to help future generations afford college, promote excellence in teaching and research, or support valued programs at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM), your endowed gift will make a permanent impact.

Because endowed gifts are invested so that only their earnings can be spent, they provide valuable funding, year-after-year, in support of your philanthropic goals. Donors who create endowments may name them for themselves or for others whom they desire to honor or memorialize by establishing a permanent legacy in support of educational excellence.

Faculty Support

  • President Chair: $2 million
  • Dean or Center Chair: $1.5 million
  • Chair for Primary Care Research: $1.5 million
  • Professorship: $1 million
  • Special research or teaching program endowment: $500,000
  • Post-doctoral fellowship: $500,000



  •  $150,000


Enrichment funds

  • Excellence fund: $50,000
  • Library resource fund: $50,000
  • International Mission Travel fund: $50,000
  • Rural Area Mission fund:$50,000
  • Campus preservation fund: $50,000


Academic Centers

  • Appalachian Outreach Program: $3 million
  • International Outreach Program: $3 million
  • Primary Care Sports Medicine Program:  $3 million
  • Human Tissue Plasitnation Center:  $500,000

Endowed Scholarships

Students often arrive at VCOM with significant loan debt from undergraduate studies.  The prospect of adding additional debt from graduate studies makes the availability of scholarships critically important.

VCOM focuses more than any other medical school in the region on recruiting students who will help meet the healthcare needs of medically underserved populations. Research shows students with the greatest commitment to service are often those who themselves come from rural and underserved communities with fewer economic resources. For this reason, private support for students is crucial to the College's ability to recruit and foster the kind of medical students who will most likely fulfill the College's mission.

Endowed scholarship funds are a lasting source of support for students, because only the earnings – not the principal – of the funds are paid out as scholarships. In addition, endowed scholarship funds may be named by the donor, a wonderful way to honor a loved one, a family name or an individual important to the donor for years to come.

The minimum gift required to establish an endowed scholarship fund at VCOM is $100,000, which may be given as a one-time gift or with a pledge to the College, payable over five years. The first award is made once the endowment is fully funded.

Presidential Scholarship: (full tuition) $1,000,000

Dean’s Scholarship: (half tuition) $500,000

Merit Scholarship: $250,000

Endowed Scholarship: $100,000

Lifetime Merit Scholarships

Donors can establish and name an expendable scholarship with a minimum gift of $25,000, which can be funded over five years with a pledge commitment. Expendable scholarship funds do not accrue interest. The scholarship is awarded as long as its fund has a balance.

Recipients of all scholarships – either endowed or lifetime – are selected by VCOM’s Office of Financial Aid based on need and/or academic achievement.


endowed Scholarships