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VCOM Students

Our Friends and Donors

Distinguished Humanitarian ($1,000,000+)

Harvey W. Peters Holding Corp. & Foundation Trust
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)

President’s Circle ($500,000-999,999)

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Via

Dean’s Circle ($100,000-499,999)

Balmer Foundation
Baxter Institute
Cornwell Bireley Family Trust (Gary and Laura Cornwell)
Kingsway Charities
Randall J. Kirk
Mrs. Frances Merryman
Owens & Minor
Drs. Fred Rawlins & Dixie Tooke-Rawlins
ReGenisis Healthcare
Science Foundation of WV
Georgia Anne Snyder-Falkinham
Spartanburg County Foundation
Jeanne Stosser

Platinum Sponsors ($50,000-99,999)

Danville Regional Foundation
Fullerton Foundation
William and Ann Holtzman
Lori Solari

Gold Sponsors ($25,000-49,999)

BB&T Insurance Services
Roy Hobbs, MD
The Kheel Family
MAP International
Dr. Linda Randolph
Megan, DO ‘07 and William, DO ‘07 Thomas
VC Medical Endowment Fund

Silver Sponsors ($10,000-24,999)

Arkwright Foundation
Bane Foundation (Gene, OD and Mrs. Bane)
Barnet Foundation Trust
William and Valerie Barnet III
MacFarlane and Marguerite Cates, Sr.
Carilion Clinic
Charles Lunsford Sons & Associates
John and Laura Cifala Family Trust
Robert A. Coffey
Arnold P. Gold Foundation
HCAPS Physician Recruiting
Timothy Kowalski, DO
Dr. James Palmieri
Phil, DO and Stephanie Peacock
John and Sue Ellen, DO Rocovich
Hanna Sahhar, MD
Niyati Sheth, DO ‘07
Nancy Showalter
Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System
Union Bank
James and Tammy Weston
Jan Willcox, DO
Tim York

Bronze Sponsors ($1,000-9,999)

Sheron Abraham, DO ‘11
Dan Adams
AECOM Tech Corp, Los Angeles
Nancy and Steve Agee
Dr. Edward Aycoth
BAE Systems
David Baratta
Frank and Cheryl Beamer
Gregory Beato, DO
Martin and Shirley Bennett
Martha Bernardo
Don Bivins
Camille Blake, DO ‘07
Stephen Blood, DO
Blue Ridge Bicycle Club
Bluefield Regional Medical Center
Delmas and Leena Bolin
Carol Brenner
Thomas and Irene Brock
Gunnar and Lesia Brolinson, DO
Cathy Callahan, MD and Jerry Goldschmidt, MD
Cambria Baptist Church
Lynn Campbell, DO
Dr. and Mrs. Neal
Castagnoli Jr.
Frank and Jennifer Clark
Michael Clary, DO
Clinch Valley Medical Center
Thimothy and Nancy Corvin
Danville Regional Medical Center
Sandra and William Davis
Don and Sallie Davis
Adrian Dews Jr., DO ‘07
Shari and Kevin Doherty
Maxine Doherty
Daniel and Laura Donohue
Mark Doran, DO
Matthew Dorn, DO ‘07
Dunbar Construction
Bart Eastwood, DO
Anthony Elkins, DO
EmCare Health Alliance
Emergency Physicians Medical Group, PC
Duyen Faria, DO
Fieberg Family Fund
First Systems & Resources, Inc.
Elizabeth Fuerstman and Daniel Weiner
Cynthia and Heywood Fralin
Todd Fridley, DO ‘10
Louis and Vicky Gadrinab
Charles and Selene Gallopo
Dr. Harold Garner
Sumeet Goel, DO ‘10
Jim and Agnes Goldston Fund
Kent Greenawalt
Jason Grove, DO ‘07
Fred Haley
Mark Hamric
David Harden, DO
William, MD and Karen Harp
Spencer and Melanie Harrison
Eddie and Dawn Hearp
Todd and Anne Hearp
Willie and Mae Hendricks
Dr. Brian Hill
Susan Hilsman, MD
Hitt & Hitt Contracting Inc
Louise and Michael Holland Charitable Fund
Harold Hope, MD
Hudson Healthcare
David Hottmann
Barbara Hughes
Long Huynh-Duc, DO ‘10
Tom Jacobs
Prabhat Jain
Jamison Electrical Company, Inc.
Dr. Ronald and Jennifer Januchowski
Teresa Kilgore, DO
Brian Kim, DO
William P. King
Frank Kozel
Meredith Lee, DO ‘08
James and Mary Lee
Henry and Catherine Leonard
Phyllis Levine
Lionberger Construction Company
Sam and Rindy Lionberger
James Lipton, DO
Drs. Yih An Liu and Hing Har Lo
James MacNeal, DO ‘08
Katherine Mahoney-Kerwin and Kevin Kerwin
Otto and Stella Maly
James Mao
Marden Medical PLLC (David Marden, DO)
McGann, Inc. - Southwestern Lawn & Landscaping
Cheryl McLeskey
Luisito and Evelyn Mendoza
Gary Miller
Michael Miller
Bhaba Misra, DO ‘07
Moss and Rocovich
Darlene Myles, DO
Rachel Nesbitt
Doug and Ronna New, DO ‘07
New River Office Supply
Ohio Northern University
Louis Palmieri
Puraj Patel, DO ‘10
Angelletta Payne, DO ‘08
James and Renae Pearson
Russell Peterson
Jim and Debbie Petrine
Ted Polverino, DO
Reggie and Shirley Powell
Astrid Radermacher, DO ‘07
Elizabeth Ramsey, DO ‘10
Ted and Brenda Rappaport
Richie’s Pharm and Med Supply
Sami Rishmawi, MD
Arthur Roberson
John Robertson, MD
Rachel Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Roll
Don Rush
Jeffrey Sarata, DO ‘07
James MD and Cheryl Schlesinger
Scott & Stringfellow, Inc.
Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Club
Dr. David Shults
Robert Siegel, MD
Kenneth and Patricia Smith
Mary Snapp
Robert, DO and Meryl Snow, DO ‘08
Southwest Virginia Community Hospital
Spartanburg & Greer ENT (Erik Steiniger, MD)
Spartanburg County Medical Society
Kenneth Sternberg, DO and Angelia Pena
Ward Stevens
Frederick and Anne Stratton
Dean and Diane Sutphin
Tastefully Yours (TY Ink)
Taubman Foundation for the Arts
Robert Taylor
Timothy Taylor
Mack and Darlene Torrence
Carl and Lynn Verboncoeur
Virginia Osteopathic Medical Association
David and Rebecca Wallenborn
Edward and Petra Warren
J. J. White, DO ‘07
Jim and Nancy Wolfe
Brian, DO and Delores Wood
Dr. Richard Wyeth and
Maxine Lee, MD
Wythe County Community Hospital

Patrons ($500-999)

Stoney Abercrombie, MD
Academic Primary Care Associates (APCA)
Eben Alexander III, MD
Allen Allen Allen & Allen
ApolloMD Business Services, LLC
Kingsley Asare, DO ‘07
Auburn Research & Technology Foundation
Atmos Energy
ATR North America, Inc.
Augusta Health
Estelle Avner
Aztec Rental Center
Morgan Barnum, DO ‘07
Amy Baruch, MD
Jan Batzer
Belmont Christian Church
Michael and Tammy Breiner
John Buyer
Sarah Cates, DO ‘07
Center in the Square
Winnie Chan
Ken and Sherry Charles
Madhu Chopra Foundation
Courtyard Marriott - Blacksburg
Gregory Craddock, DO
Thomas Crawford
Jesse Davidson
Sonya DeMarco
Doctors in Training
Keith and Amy Doolan,
DO ‘07
Candes Dotson, DO ‘10
Duncan Automotive
Linda Dunn, DO ‘07
Mary Family
First Baptist Church of Four Oaks
Amy, DO ‘08 and Mark Fought
Wade, DDS and Jane Frazier
Brandon Gandy
James Giliberto, DO
Joseph and Evelyn Goldston
Robin Gumm
Page and Timothy Hagan
Halifax Regional Development Foundation
Michael and Jessica Henry
Highland Co Recreation Comm
John and Sharen Hillison
The Home Depot Foundation
Jennifer Hudson, DO ‘07
John Hughes, DO ‘07
Steve Jacobs, OD
JB Brewing, Inc. Wikiteria Market & Café
Chad Johnston, DO
Johnston Memorial Hospital
Kevin Keith, DO ‘07
Thomas and Janice Kiefhaber
Kwik Kafe Company, Inc
Lawrence, DDS and
Carolyn Kyle
Kim Lee and Stephen Hoffman
Lisa Leichner
LewisGale Hospital-Montgomery
Jonathan List
Reynolds Lynch
John Elliott MacIsaac
Skylar Mankin
Maple Ridge Apartments
Hunter Marlo, DO ‘08
William Matson
Matthan Enterprises, LLC - SportClips
Maston and Dorothy McCorkle
McCoy Funeral Home
Bradley McCrady, DO ‘07
Medeco High Security Locks
Medical Society of Virginia
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Meredith
Mitchell Family Fund
Mountain States Health Alliance
Patrick Murdock
Jeff, DO ‘07 and Carrie Neal
Michael Nichols
North Carolina Osteopathic Medical Association
Norton Community Hospital
Mary and Clifford Nottingham
James and Brenda Pearman
Cherry Peirce
Melissa Peters
Megan and Shannon Price
Robert Pusey
Chris and Kathy Reilly
Dr. Beverly Rzigalinsky and Kevin Hockey
Hanna Sahhar, MD
Michael Sampson, DO
Sampson Construction
Steven Saslow
Paula Scariati
Kenneth, DO and Lucy Schor
Cassandra Scott, DO ‘09
Christina and Timothy Shoemaker
Jean Skelton
Julia Snider
Todd and Inga Solberg
Alan Stockard
Stone Family Fund
Thomas and Claire Sullivan
James Eric Sutherland, DO‘07
Charles and Sharon Swaha
Michael Toman
Jimmy and Allison Turk
U.S. Army Healthcare Team
Virginia Farm Bureau
Barbara, DO and Herbert Walker
Thomas and Linda Weinert
Eugene and Faye Wilmore
Kevin Workman
Mike Wright

Contributors ($100-499)

A Cleaner World
AARP-Blacksburg Chapter
Carin Adelstein
Gary Adkins
Saleem Ahmed
Troy Akers, DO ‘08
J. Michael and Patricia Albano
Francisco Albert, DO
Doug and Lynn Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Allen
Alliance Engineering, Inc.
Alternative Natural Technologies, Inc
American College of Physicians
American Medical Association (AMA)
Karen and John Anderson
William Anderson, DO
Wade Anderson
Ingo Angermeier
Matthew Ankrum
Eileen and George Antonelli
Arlington Osteopathic General Practice
Edward Arsura
Dr. Joel Atance
Manly Aylor, Jr.
Jason Bailey, DO ‘08
Bakers Best Catering
Sheila Ballard
Jerry Ballengee
Bank of America
David and Jane Ellen Barbe
Paul and Wilma Barbery
Barbara and Dennis Barbour
George and Mary Baron
James Beckner, II
Benefit Plan Administrators, Inc.
Julia Benner
Henry and Beverley Benner
Ernest Bernhardi Jr., DO
Robert and Diana Best
Thomas Bibbins
Chad and Ellen Biegler
BMO Trust & Custody Services
Alexander Boone
Michael Boron
Bouret Design
David Bowen
Jane and Kelvin Bowles
Michael Brackenrich, DO
Richard Bradshaw
Family of Shirley and Cabell Brand
David and Judy Brewer
Paul and Debbie Brisson
Terry Brizendine
Kenny Brock, DVM
Thomas and S.G. Brown
Timothy Brown, DO ‘09
Bennett Bruckner, MD and Barbara Young
Lee Burnett
Garnett and Thelma Burris
Michael, DO ‘10 and Heather Buscher
Gary Butcher
Virginia Butler
CAA-Commonwealth Anesthesia Associates
Ramon Cabrera
Sumeyye Calp-Inal, MD
Joseph and Constance Camunas
Carolinas HealthCare System Blue Ridge
Mitchell and Iris Carr
Richard and Janice Carter
Claude and Nancy Carter
David Brent Carter, DO ‘09
Letitia Carter, DO ‘08
John Casey, DO ‘08
Daniel and Donna Casey
Center for Rural Virginia
Bennett Chaney
Gael and Smith Chaney
AARP Chapter
Melinda Chitwood
Gregory Cibor
Laura Cifala
Peter Cimmino
Kimberli Clark
AnnMarie Clark
Pamela Clemens
Cloud 9 Sport Aviation LLC
Gil Coblentz
Jon Coburn
Dana Comber
Glen and Marsha Combs
Michael Cooke
Frederick and Debbie Coots
C. Tyler Corvin
Dr. Blaise Costa
David Cotoni, DO ‘07
Sean Cox
T. Joe Crawford
Don and Elizabeth Creamer
Kim Crisp
Dennis Cronk
Judith Cruz
Tyler Cymet
Luciano D’Amato, MD
Pamela Davenport, DO
Michael and Rebecca Davis
Walter C. Davis
Thomas Dayberry, DO
Randall DeArment
Brad Densmore
Mark and Jonna Detweiler
Dr. Brian and Sindy Dickens
Catherine Doherty
Michael and Diane Doherty
Cecil and Patricia Doyle
Jim Dubash
Gail Dudley
Stefan Duma
Judith Duncan
Ashleigh Dunn, DO ‘09
James Duty
Kevin and Nancy Dye
Mike Dyer
Steven and Jane Dyer
Easy Way Packaging Center
Lisa Edinger-Graves
Karl Edwards
Lacy and Carol Edwards
Emily Edwards, DO ‘07
Mike Eggleston
Karen Elias
Joy Elliott, DO
Stephanie Ellis, DO ‘11
Elsevier Inc.
James and Gretchen Epting
Dr. and Mrs. Rodel Estrada
Erika Estrada
Thomas Fame, MD
Patrick Fernicola, MD
Gerald and Deborah File
Courtney Finch
Ronald Fitzgerald
Norm Fitzwater
James Floyd
Linda Frasca, MD
Louis Gadrinab
Ruth and John Gallick
Pamela Galloway-Tabb
Robert Garland
Gregory Gelburd, DO
Adrienne Gentry, DO ‘11
Gentry Locke Attorneys
Ted Georges, MD
Paula Giammona
Gibbs Cancer Center & Research Institute
Gerald Gift
Barb and Brent Gift
G. Gift
Laura Gillett, DO ‘11
Robin Giordano
Paul Giordano
Constance Goehle
Josh Goldsmith
Stuart Goldstein, DO
Robert and Maryellen Goodlatte
Michael Goodlett
Dr. John Gould III, DO
John and Ann Graham
John Gregg
John and Julia Grove
William and Carolyn Gummerson
Heather Hafner
Hugh Hagan III
James Halverson, DO
Wesley Hammond
Shirley Hannah
James and Christine Harkness
Maria Harris and Steve Lennett, MD
Mary Harris
Kenneth Harris, MD
Harry Hart
Jonathan Haynes
Deborah Hayter
Davis and Sharolyn Heatwole
Michael Heifferon, Ph.D.
HHHunt - Hethwood Apts.
Gary Hill, DO
Susan Hincker
Jeff and Patti Hinds
Stephen and Cynthia Hobbs
Richard Holden and James Townsend
Garland Holliday
Joseph Hopkins
James Howard
William and Cecelia Howell
Theresa Hrubec
Donald Huffman
Dr. Keith and Carmelita Hunt
Daniel Hurd, DO
Jessica Hutchins
IMG Sports
Invest In Others Charitable Foundation
IST Dept. of Va. Western Community College
R. and Carol Devereux Jarratt
Jazzercise NRV
Jon Jelinek
David and Marlene Jester
Jim Jetter
Rochelle and Lee Johnson
Johnson’s Orchards Peaks of Otter Winery
Richard Johnson, DO
Terry Johnston
LTC Robert and Judy Jones
Doralyn Jones, DO ‘08
Marty, DO and Renee Jourden
Joseph Joyce
Plaridel and Rosario Juan
K2, Inc.
Anne Kaplan-Still, DO
Alexander Karamalegos, DO ‘14
John Kauffman, DO
Theresa and Sean Kearney
Michelle Keating, DO ‘13
Alison Kimball
Bill, MD and Cornelia King
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Kirshner
Lakshmi Kishore
John Klapetzky
Scott Klosterman, DO
Kevin Kokal
Jennifer Kordell
Heidi Krisch and Jack Loeb
Sajanee Kunachelvam
Wayne and Betty Lafon
Amos Lane
John Lane, III
Virgil and Madora Lane
Rosanna Lapham, MD
Kenneth and Lisa Laughon
Sara LaVigna
Sarah Lawrence
Chun Wai Lee
Toon Lee, DO
Courtney Legum-Wenk, DO ‘08
L. Pete Lehmann
Jack Leiderman
Barbara Lemon*
Betty and Edmund Lesko
Robert and Patricia Levey
Dr. Yunbo Li
Laura Liles, DO
Don Lilly III
David and Diane Lohr
Timothy Loughran
Martha Love
Dixon Low
Bruce and Marina Lung
W. Thomas Maddy
John P. Mahaney
James Mahaney, Ph.D.
Betty Manning
Marie and Jared March, DO ‘10
Ronnie Martin, DO
Gary and Dottie Martin
Chris Martin
Thomas and Cynthia Martin
Melissa Martinek, DO ‘07
Joyce Massie
Dr. J. Douglas and Patsy McAlister
Richard McConn
John and Katherine McLeod
Susan McMains
Thomas McNamara, DO
Susan Meacham
Aldrich and Evelyn Mendoza
Patience and Godwin Mensah
Messiah Baptist Church
Susan Metts
Christina Michael, DO
Sherry Miller
Kevin Miller, DO ‘11
Lou and Jill Miller
William, MD and Ann Mims
Raul Mirza, DO ‘09
Dr. Hara and Biju Misra
Leanne and Larry Mitchell
Roger and Vicki Mjoen
Moe’s Roanoke Area Advertising Group, Inc.
Mary J. Moga
Amanda Mohrbach
Bill Moore
Ann Moore and Ralph Byers
The Morris Clinic
Michael and Kathleen Morris
Scott and Carol Moyer
Mt. Tabor Ruritan Club
Dustin Mullens, DO ‘15
Michael Murphy
Rhoda Myers
Scott and Melissa Neal
Randy Newberry
Bertram Newmark
Dr. Annie Newton
Richard Newton, MD
Kenneth Nguyen
Dan Niccolucci
James Nichols, DO
Ray and Anna Nixon
Northern Trust
Karl Northwall, MD
John Norton
R.S. and Elaine Oakey
Beth O’Connor
Michael Ogliaruso
J. Tracey and Lou Ann O’Rourke
Ovid Technologies
Elizabeth Palmarozzi, DO
Karen Palmieri
Seema Parmar-Sturkie
Merly and Liursito Pascual
Donika Patel, DO ‘09
John Paulus
Performance Medicine of SW Virginia, LLC
Ann and Keith Peton
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Alfred and Paula Pheley
Mary Phillips, DO
Mark Phillips
Paul Phillips, DO ‘07
Clarita Pinckney
Michael and Linda Pirolli
Eryn and Matt Pitonyak
John and Lauri Ploch
David and Terri Plundo, DO
Jonathan and Elizabeth Polk
Doris Pollari
Frank* and Beverly Porter
Michael Porvanznik
Autumn Potaracke, DO ‘07
Jim and Julie Powers
James Powers, DO
Shane Powers
M. Renee Prater, DVM PhD
Steven and Leeanne Presley
Bill and Victoria Price
Prince of Peace Church of the Brethren
Princeton Rescue Squad
Keith Proctor, DO ‘07
Professional Catering, Inc.
Prokleen Services Inc
Tyler and Beverley Pugh
Michael and Debbie Quillen
Walter and Elaine Radzio
John Ragan
Judy Rasmussen
Teodulo Remandaban
Evan Rey
Roberto Reynaga, DO ‘12
Col. Retired C.L. and Ann Reynolds
Glenn and Dixie Reynolds
Randall Rhea
Minnis and Louise Ridenour
Veronica Ridpath, DO ‘17
Curtis Roane
Roanoke College
Roanoke Forest Products, Co., Inc.
David Robinson
Ty Robinson, DO
Mark Rogers, DO
Rooker Psychiatric Services
Daniel Rooney, DO
James Rosar
Barry Rose, DO
The Roseline Group
David and Ilene Rosen
J.S. Ross, Jr.
Rotary Club of Bluefield
Charles and Whitley Rotgin
Robert and Annette Roy
Runabout Sports, LLC
The Sagent Society
Efe Sahinoglu
Salem Roanoke Baseball Hall of Fame
Salisbury Foundation for Research & Education
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Sampson
Jimmy Sanford
Dr. Arben and Alida Santo
Jessica Scarfe, DO ‘07
James Sears
Eric Sebring
Theodore and Faustine Settle
Minesh Shah, MD
Byron Shankman
Becky Shaver
Bonnie and Duane Shealor
Lyle, MD and Melody Shelver
Bryan and Kathy Simpson
John Skelton
Wendy Smith
Donald and Barbara Smith*
Easley Smith
Garnett Smith
Michael, DO ‘11 and Brooke Smolka, DO ‘11
Dr. Raymond and Jean Smoot
South Main Auto Service
Southern Regional AHEC
Owen Speer, DO ‘10 and Lydia Barton, DO ‘10
John and Janice Stalfort
Stedman House of Charlottesville
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Steger
Bill Stephenson
Cynthia and William Sterrett
Stephen and Susan Stilwell
David Stoeckle, MD
Barbara Stone
Dr. Jared Storck
Preston Strosnider, DO
Meenakshisundaram Subramanian, DO ‘11
SunTrust Banks, Inc.
Dr. Joshua Sutherland, DO
Sara Tabor
Joseph and Wendy Taggart
Kristina and David Taylor
Dr. Cheryl Taylor-Gywn
Tech Signs Inc.
Tech Sportsplex, LLC
A.V. Thomas
Thompson & Litton
Kathleen Thorsen
Joy and Wayne Timmons
Michael Tobin, DO
Susan Todd
Samuel Tollison
Shayla Toombs-Withers, DO ‘07
Brian Torre
Tosumu Corporation d/b/a The UPS Store #4733
Total Lawn Care
Tu and Rebecca Tran
Dennis Treacy
Betty and Edmund Trust
United Community Bank
Valley Financial Solutions
Jonathan Van Hoose
Paul Van Lucha, DO
Eric van Staalduinen, DO ‘15
Edward and Judith Vance
Lydia Vargas
Mary and C.W. Vaughn
Cynthia Victor, DO ‘10
Jimmy Viers
Virginia Biotechnology Research Park Authority
The Virginia College Fund
Virginia Primary Care Association
Virginia Rural Health Association
Virginia Tech Foundation, Inc.
Linda Voss
VT Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Wachovia Securities Accounts Payable Department
Ann Walker
Georgia Walter
Charles and Nancy Warren
Charles and Joyce Waugh
Linde Webb
John and Jennifer Weete
Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC
Ron White
Joan White
Lossie Wilkinson
David Wilkinson
Meredith Willcox
Jason Williams, DO ‘11
Kenneth Williams
Galen, Holly and Connie Williams
Justin Williams, DO ‘11
Nancy Wilson
Hazel Wilson
David Winter, DO
Joshan Wise
Delores Wood
Dr. and Mrs. John Wood
Mrs. Betsy Woodruff
Evan Wright, DO
Martha Wunsch
Linda Young
Jorge and Erlinda Zaballero
Maricel Zayas, DO ‘10
Chunxiao Zhang, MD
Zoar Baptist Church
Mark Zulkey, DO
Craig Zunka
Todd Zusmer, DO

In-Kind Contributors

American Osteopathic Foundation/Heart to Heart International Bionix Medical Technologies Hope Imaging
AMILAT Children’s Home
Augusta Lumber Company
Baxter Institute
Blessings International
Burch Enterprises
Cathy Callahan, MD and Jerry Goldschmidt, MD
Casa de Mi Padre
Clean & Green Technologies
Cornell University MHIRT Program & Architecture Department
Sandra and William Davis
Evangelical University, El Salvador
Foot Levelers
Gleaning for the World
Healing Hands International
Dr. Roy Hobbs
Dr. Marty and Renee Jourden
The Kheel Family
Kingsway Charities
MAP International
Marino-Brolinson/Stoner Group - Merrill Lynch
Memorial Gardens of the New River Valley
Moss & Rocovich, Attorneys-at-Law
National Cancer Institute
Owens & Minor
Dr. Jim Palmieri
Punta Cana Foundation
ReGenesis Health Care
Richie Ray’s Pharmacy
Showalter Family
Lori Solari
Preston Strosnider, DO
University of Texas Health Sciences Center
Tim York

*For errors or omissions, please contact the Development Office at 540-231-4428.