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VCOM Students

Giving to the SIM Center

Today’s medical education requires the use of sophisticated technologies to assure student and physician competency.  

In the summer of 2008, VCOM-Virginia opened the Simulation and Educational Technology Center at the Knollwood building. The Center includes six simulation teaching theaters, six exam rooms, three surgical suites, a dedicated classroom and support space. With the opening of the campuses in Spartanburg, South Carolina and Auburn University VCOM now have one of the largest centers (across campuses) in medical education.

The centers educate medical students, residents, and physicians in patient care skills from patient interviewing and partnering to physician skills in managing complex cardiac emergencies.


The VCOM Centers now also offer special training programs for the community physicians, paramedics, nurses and others involved in health care.  The programs within these centers improve the quality of health care, assist in the prevention of medical errors, and promote new technologies for bringing this health improvement to all, including rural areas and small communities.

Your gifts will allow VCOM to reach more of these communities and further technology.  Many opportunities exist, including naming rooms within the centers, or actually naming the center on each campus with a major gift.