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VCOM Students

Academic Advising

VCOM’s Academic Advising Program is a great resource for students through their four years of medical school. Each new student is assigned a biomedical faculty Academic Advisor at the beginning of their OMS 1 year. During the students’ OMS 2 year they are also assigned a clinical faculty Academic Advisor who can provide more guidance specific to clinical rotations. Students in their OMS 3 and 4 years may continue to seek guidance from their biomedical faculty Academic Advisor, clinical faculty Academic Advisor, DME, or Department Chairs.

We encourage you to get to know your Academic Advisor(s) and meet with them regularly. The academic advisor acts as a mentor, role model, and guide for the student. You should not only meet with them when you have academic concerns but also throughout the year to build a solid mentoring relationship that will serve you for years to come. Academic Advisors are a great resource and they can provide you with a wealth of information concerning the curriculum, study suggestions, advice for rotations and so much more. Additionally, Academic Advisors are aware of the many resources of the College and, if needed, can refer you to the appropriate support services. Academic Advisors maintain an open-door policy or students may request an appointment via email or phone.

Want to get the most out of the appointment with your Academic Advisor? Follow these tips:

  • Meet with your Academic Advisor on a regular basis to build a solid mentoring relationship
  • Be prepared for the meeting with your Academic Advisor
    • Have a list of the topics and/or questions you want to ask during the meeting
    • Bring your study plan and/or study materials as examples of the strategies you are using
  • Be honest about the struggles you are experiencing and share your fears and concerns
  • Focus on the appointment and ask questions
  • Take notes
  • Be open to suggestions and willing to try different strategies
  • Leave with an agreed upon plan and schedule a follow-up meeting
  • Follow through with the recommended support services


Resources for Academic Advisors