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VCOM Students

Board Preparation

The Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success provides academic assistance directly focused on helping students prepare for COMSAE and COMLEX exams. The Center is a great resource for information related to National Board preparation. We can help you design a COMSAE/COMLEX study plan based on your unique needs, recommend study materials, and provide you with helpful insight from former VCOM graduates. We can also provide you with detailed information on VCOM policies related to National Board exams. The Center’s Academic Counselors are also available to assist students. Please visit the counseling services webpage to learn more.  

How VCOM Supports Students Preparing for Boards

VCOM provides students with a variety of information and support in preparation for the exams. 

  • The Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success is available to meet with students on an individual-basis, either in person or via Skype, to help plan for your Board study.  The Center provides all students with board prep advice early in the OMS 2 and OMS 3 years and encourages students to schedule a meeting to discuss their plans because we know how important it is to be proactive for such an important endeavor as boards.
  • VCOM Academic Counselors are available to meet with students either in person or via Skype, to help students who are experiencing life difficulties or test anxiety that may interfere with their success on Boards. Students are encouraged to reach out to an Academic Counselor for help with these issues as early as possible to they have plenty of time to lay a solid foundation for a successful Board exam.
  • VCOM hosts a National Boards Prep Fair for OMS 2 students in September. During this fair, the Campus Dean provides current OMS 2 students with information from the previous class’ opinions about various resources for boards preparation.  VCOM surveys students from the previous class after they attempt their Level 1 exam to ask about their preparation methods.  These results are very helpful for OMS 2 students who want help selecting materials for their study plans or planning their study.  Following the Dean’s presentation, a panel of OMS 3 students discuss their personal opinions about study plans and resources for Boards.  The fair also hosts Board prep vendors that demonstrate their preparation products. Seeing the resources and listening to these company representatives help students start their planning and selection appropriate study materials for Boards.
  • During Blocks 7 and 8, a content review for previous Blocks is provided twice a week with the sole purpose of helping OMS 2 students prepare for the COMLEX Level 1 exam.  The sessions are facilitated by current OMS 2 students and are designed to provide attendees with a high yield review of content from previous blocks and exposure and strategies to tackle COMLEX style questions.
  • OMS 2 students attend the Comprehensive Review Course held on each campus during Block 8. The Comprehensive Review Course provides a high yield review of the content learned in Blocks 1 through 7 and ends with the COMSAE Phase 1 as the final exam.
  • OMS 3 students receive support for COMSAE Phase 2 and COMLEX Level 2 in much the same way as OMS 2 students.  OMS 3 students are also contacted by the Center with board prep advice early in the OMS 3 year, which includes information from the previous class, obtained through a survey administered after student attempt their Level 2 exams, regarding their preparation methods.