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VCOM Students

Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success

The Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success has been developed to advance the quality of teaching and learning by promoting a College culture where the VCOM community works collaboratively to champion educational excellence.


Academic Advising

Each new student is assigned a biomedical faculty academic advisor at the beginning of their OMS 1 year. During the students’ OMS 2 year they are also assigned a clinical faculty Academic Advisor who can provide more guidance specific to clinical rotations. Students in their OMS 3 and 4 years may continue to seek guidance from their biomedical faculty Academic Advisor, clinical faculty Academic Advisor, DME, or Department Chairs.

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Academic Assistance

We provide academic assistance, free of charge, to all VCOM students that is tailored to meet your specific academic needs.

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Counseling Services

The Directors for Mental Health Counseling Services on each campus provide counseling for students who are struggling with academics, relationship issues, anxiety, life transitions, organizational skills, and stress management.

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Board Preparation

The Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success provides academic assistance directly focused on helping students prepare for COMSAE and COMLEX exams. The Center is a great resource for information related to National Board preparation. We can help you design a COMSAE/COMLEX study plan based on your unique needs, recommend study materials, and provide you with helpful insight from former VCOM graduates.

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Peer Tutoring

VCOM provides peer tutoring free to first and second year students. Any student, regardless of academic performance, may attend a tutoring session.

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