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VCOM Carolinas Campus

Research Services & Information

VCOM's research mission is to advance scientific knowledge to improve human health

The Research Department fosters VCOM’s research mission by providing services to VCOM faculty, staff, and affiliated academic partners in proposal and manuscript development, grant and contract stewardship, research compliance oversight, and intellectual property management.  Most importantly, the Research Department facilitates the ability of VCOM’s faculty, staff, and students to engage in research, innovation, and scholarship. 

Within the Research Department, the Office of Sponsored Programs maintains an infrastructure for all funded grants, including proposal and budget development, contract negotiation, and financial administration. The Proposal and Scholarly Development group assists faculty in developing competitive proposals by identifying suitable funding opportunities, offering coaching and editing services, preparing administrative proposal components, and nurturing research collaborations. The Office of Research and Innovation champions the development of intellectual property by assisting VCOM faculty, staff, and students in translating their scientific innovations into tangible products that benefit society. In addition, the Research Department is charged with oversight and management of research compliance, such as the VCOM Institutional Review Board, as well as coordination of resources and promotion of research collaborations with our university and hospital partners.

To foster interdisciplinary research collaboration and to support efforts to secure funding for such collaborations, the VCOM Research Department has established several strategic initiatives focused on research in areas concurrent with our overall College mission and goals.