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VCOM Carolinas Campus

Staff and Board Membership

Administrative Staff

P. Gunnar Brolinson, DO
IRB Chair
Dr. Brolinson is the Vice Provost for Research. He is also a volunteer physician for the United States Olympic Committee and Team Physician for the United States Ski Team. Dr. Brolinson is board certified in family practice and holds subspecialty certification in sports medicine. He is the director of the Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship at VCOM and Virginia Tech. Dr. Brolinson is a fellow of the American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Academy of Family Practice and the American College of Osteopathic Family Practice.  His current research interests include mild traumatic brain injury in sports, impact biomechanics and oxidative stress in athletes.

James Mahaney, PhD
IRB Co-Chair
Dr. Mahaney is the Associate Dean for Biomedical Affairs and Research and Associate Professor of Biomedical Sciences at the VCOM-Virginia Campus.  He is also a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry at Virginia Tech.  Dr. Mahaney maintains a research program in the area of cardiovascular drug design and testing in collaboration with colleagues at The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, and works with VCOM medical student researchers and Virginia Tech graduate and undergraduate students.  His teaching duties include oversight of the biomedical curriculum for first year medical students as well as biochemistry courses for the post-baccalaureate students. Dr. Mahaney is an active member of the Biophysical Society and serves on the Vascular Regulation and Diseases peer review group for the National American Heart Association. Dr. Mahaney received his PhD degree in Chemistry from the University of Virginia, and pursued post-doctoral research at the University of Minnesota Medical School. 

Kenny Brock, PhD, DVM
IRB Co-Chair
Dr. Brock is the Associate Dean for Biomedical Affairs at the VCOM–Auburn Campus. Dr. Brock is a graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine (DVM, MS) and subsequently completed a Ph.D. in Comparative and Experimental Medicine at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Brock has extensive research experience as an infectious disease specialist, and is a professor at The Ohio State University and Auburn University. In addition, he has provided instruction in the professional veterinary curriculum and served as a mentor of numerous graduate students.

Skip Garner, PhD
IRB Co-Chair

Pawel Michalak, PhD
IRB Co-Chair

W. Eryn Perry, MA
IRB Director
Eryn is the Administrative Director for Research at VCOM and works to promote research and scholarly activities across all VCOM campuses. She also serves as the Institutional Integrity Officer and is responsible for managing allegations of research misconduct and conflicts of interest at VCOM.  Eryn was the founding director of the VCOM sponsored programs office and worked to establish the VCOM IRB, serving as coordinator from 2003 to 2007. As IRB Director, Eryn provides administrative oversight and support to the IRB.

Debbie Geiger, BS, CIP®
IRB Administrator
Debbie is the IRB Administrator at the VCOM Virginia Campus. As IRB Administrator, Debbie conducts preliminary reviews on each proposal, assists investigators with the development of new Human Subjects Research proposals, and oversees the official review and approval processes. In addition, Debbie provides administrative support to both the IRB Chair and Director.

Committee Members

Voting Members

Member Name Degree(s) Scientific Status Scientist (S)
Non Scientist (NS)
Membership Status Affiliation Primary Specialty
Aldret, Randy EdD S Regular Affiliated Sports Medicine, Family Medicine
Brock, Kenny PhD, DVM S Regular; Co-Chair Affiliated Pathobiology
Brolinson, P. Gunnar DO S Regular; Chair Affiliated Sports Medicine, Biomedical Sciences
Catley, Dennis BA NS Regular Non-affiliated Institutional Research and Scientific Systems
Cheng, Ning MS S Regular Affiliated Public Health and Epidemiology
Garner, Skip PhD S Regular Affiliated Bioinformatics, Genetics & Ethics
Goodlett, Mike MD S Regular Affiliated Sports Medicine
Gutovitz, Scott MD S Alternate Non-affiliated Emergency Medicine
Hollingsworth, Joshua PharmD, PhD S Regular Affiliated Pharmacology
Mahaney, Jim PhD S Regular; Co-Chair Affiliated Biochemistry
Michalak, Pawel PhD S Regular; Co-Chair Affiliated Genetics
Moore, David PhD, DVM S Regular Non-affiliated Research Compliance, Pathobiology
Perry, W. Eryn MA NS Regular Affiliated Research Compliance
Rawlins, Fred DO S Regular Affiliated Emergency Medicine
Rzigalinski, Beverly PhD S Regular Affiliated Nanobiology, Pharmacology
Sanders, Mark DO S Regular Affiliated Geriatric Medicine, Internal Medicine
Sehdev, Vikas PhD S Regular Affiliated Pharmacology, Cancer Biology
Stoner, Alexis PhD S Regular Affiliated Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Sutphin, H. Dean PhD S Ad-Hoc Affiliated Education, Instruction


Non-Voting Members and Administration

Name Title / Role
Geiger, Debbie IRB Administrator
Reaves, Greg Director, Office of Research Administration (ex-officio)
Arnold, Jennifer Grant Writer and Grant Development Officer
Jessica Muller Grant Writer and Grant Development Officer, Auburn and Virginia

The IRB Chair and voting members are appointed by the President and Provost. The term of service for members is one to three years. The board has members from the community and across many disciplines in both the biomedical and clinical fields with various areas of expertise. The members’ contribution of time and knowledge is invaluable to VCOM and its commitment to the protection of participants in biomedical, clinical and behavioral research.