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VCOM Carolinas Campus

Research Policies and Procedures

To ensure all research activities are conducted with integrity and regard for safety, privacy and ethical behavior, VCOM has established policies and guidelines to comply with federal and state regulations. The Research Division is charged with developing and maintaining all policy and procedure related to research activities and programs. The Research Division serves as the conduit for human subjects research regulations, as well as those regulations that govern biosafety and radiation safety, and environmental health.

The Research Division updates policies on a regular basis to ensure compliance with current requirements. Below is a list of the Research Division’s policies and procedures. The most up-to-date policies and procedures can be found in the VCOM Institutional Policy and Procedure Handbook.

VCOM Institutional Policy and Procedure Handbook (PDF)

Research Division-wide Policy and Procedure

Policy Code Policy Description
U015 VCOM Policy on Conflicts of Interest
  Financial Conflicts of Interest in Research Policy
R003 Policy and Procedures for Responding to Allegations of Scientific Misconduct
R011 VCOM Principal Investigator Eligibility Policy
R002 VCOM Policy on Using Controlled Substances for Research
R012 VCOM Policies and Procedures Governing Environmental Health and Safety

Office of Research Administration

Policy Code Policy Description
R006 Office of Research Administration Grants Administration Policies and Procedures
R007 Cost Sharing on Sponsored Projects
R008 Time and Effort Certification (Effort Reporting) Policy
R009 VCOM Policy on Facilities and Administration (F&A) Distribution
R010 Facilities and Administrative Cost Recovery Policy

Office of Intellectual Property Management

Policy Code Policy Description
R005 Intellectual Properties and Agreements Policies and Procedures

Institutional Review Board

Policy Code Policy Description
R004 VCOM Institutional Review Board Policies and Procedures
R004A1 Institutional Review Board Self-Assessment
R004A2 Emergency Use of a Test Article
R004A3 IRB Member Conflict of Interest
R004A4 IRB Administrative Fees for Protocol Review
R004A5 VCOM Policy on Compliance Auditing
R004A6 IRB Guidance on Research Limited to Retrospective Medical Records Review
R004A7 Procedure on Conducting and Documenting Continuing Review
  Procedure on Central Institutional Review Board (CIRB) Facilitated Review
  Procedure on IRB Review of Applications for HHS Support
  Procedure on Obtaining Informed Consent
  Procedure on Reporting of Compliance Audit Review Standard Operating Procedure
  Procedure on Review of Investigational Device Protocols