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Third Year Curriculum

Third Year Curriculum

Sam Kuhn, BS​
Director for Third Year Clinical Rotations
skuhn [at]

Donald A. Langley, DO
Interim Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
dlangley [at]

VCOM’s third-year osteopathic medical students are required to complete ten, four-week core clinical rotations. During the year students have one month to complete Foundations of Diagnostic Medicine (FDM) which is comprised of an on-line interactive curriculum covering the most urgent and emergent conditions seen in the clinical setting. Each clinical rotation is estimated to require a minimum of 160 hours to complete, including 40 to 60 hours each week in the regular program and after-hours on-call duty. All rotations must be taken and completed at VCOM core hospitals or ambulatory rotation sites. All rotations and assigned curriculum must be successfully completed to progress to the fourth year. Four credit hours are awarded for each clinical rotation.

Core Rotation Syllabi

Family Medicine
Foundations of Clinical Medicine I
Foundations of Clinical Medicine II and Health System Sciences
Internal Medicine I
Internal Medicine II
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
Primary Care Rural and Medically Underserved
Psychiatry and Neuro-Behavorial Sciences

Curriculum Checklists

NBS Clinical Skills Checklist

  • Students must complete a minimum of one of the ten core rotations, with an osteopathic physician and incorporate manipulative medicine and techniques into the care of patients through both observation and hands-on application and attend all OMM workshops to acquire the skills as listed in the OMM syllabus.

Academic Grading and Promotion