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Why Study at the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine?

Care for Patients with the Greatest Healthcare Need

Our medical students train to become physicians to meet the healthcare needs of the most vulnerable and underserved communities. The VCOM mission focuses on addressing physician shortages in southern Appalachian and Delta regions and the greater southeast United States where health outcomes are historically poor. VCOM is working toward a world where every person has access to good medical care, regardless of where they live, their ethnic background, or socioeconomic status.

Our Mission


 of students come from communities of less than 30,000

Surgeon Female

of graduates practice in a medically underserved area where primary care is most needed


of VCOM students are from Target states


Healing the Whole Person

Our block-style curriculum follows the whole-patient osteopathic philosophy, exploring how body systems function as an integrated whole. It offers hands-on clinical experience in all four years of study, training in osteopathic manipulative medicine (OMM), and lots of opportunities for community service and clinical outreach.

What is Osteopathic Medicine?

Top Ten for number of graduates entering primary care residencies, according to U.S. News and World Report

71% of our graduates complete primary care residencies

1 in 4 medical students in the U.S. attend an osteopathic medical school


Kenneth Terry II

The idea to produce capable and knowledgeable doctors to take care of rural-based communities speaks volumes to my character and beliefs. During my undergraduate degree, I worked in a New Orleans emergency department, where I witnessed firsthand the healthcare dilemmas.

Kenneth Terry II, DO , Class of 2023, Auburn Campus
Hear from Students and Alumni

A Competitive Program That Can Take You Anywhere

Like many osteopathic programs, a majority of our students choose to go into family practice, internal medicine, or pediatrics. But not everyone here opts for primary care. Osteopathic physicians can practice any specialty, and our students get matched into residency programs in even the most competitive categories.

Residency Match List


of VCOM 2023 graduates and 99.8% of graduates matched successfully in 2024


of graduates matched into one of their top three residency choices


First-attempt board pass rates on all campuses with a final 99-100% pass rate.


Recruiting for Diversity

The diversity of students and faculty enhances the quality of VCOM's medical education, making us all better doctors. We actively recruit richly diverse students who are underrepresented in healthcare professions, and teach graduates to provide culturally sensitive, comprehensive medical care to communities with diverse populations. 

Diversity at VCOM

1 Curriculum, 4 Unique Locations

Partnerships with universities and hospital systems at each campus give us access to some of the most modern and innovative facilities in the country, opportunities for biomedical research, and diverse clinical settings.

Our Locations