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VCOM Students


The goal of the VCOM Department of Surgery is to provide a high quality surgical educational experience. The mission of the college is to provide medical education and research that prepares globally-minded, community-focused physicians and to improve the health of those most in need. During your surgical rotation, you will be taught how to assess a patient rapidly, order and interpret diagnostic studies, develop a differential diagnosis, and determine if the patient is a surgical candidate. The osteopathic medical student is expected to understand the embryology, anatomy, the execution of the surgical procedure, and the potential risks and complications. As important is the student must be compassionate to the surgical patient and their family.

The surgery department is composed of excellent preceptors who will not only teach you sound surgical principles but also be a role model to you as you witness their caring interactions with patients and their families.

Of all the disciplines, surgery is often the most rigorous with long hours in the hospital and operation room and studying in your “spare time.” But, surgery is also one of the most rewarding and exciting experiences in medical school.

Clinical Rotation Syllabus (PDF)

Surgery Intranet