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Auburn Diversity Resources

Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion

The Diversity Officer also meets with the Diversity Committee that includes various student minority organizations and representatives of a diverse student body to hear their concerns in a safe space, and assist with planning to address the concerns in a positive manner that supports both the students and the College as a whole. The Diversity Officers will be available to meet with students, faculty or staff to address concerns in confidence.

VCOM’s Diversity Officers serve as a conduit of information with the Campus Dean and higher administration on suggestions for positive change toward improving inclusion on campus and in the community, to promote equal access to health and healthcare and reduce healthcare disparities.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

  • 1/18/21 - “Racism and Health : the Role of Physicians” Malika Fair, MD, MPH

Diversity Officer Duties

  1. Convene and Chair the Diversity Committee each block, facilitating their success in meeting the goals of the Committee.
  2. Serve as a conduit for the representatives of a diverse student body to meet, hear their concerns in a safe space, and assist with planning to address the concerns in a positive manner that supports both the students and the College as a whole.
  3. Serve as a conduit of information with the Campus Dean and higher administration on suggestions for positive change toward improving inclusion on campus and in the community.
  4. Provide educational documents to employees, students, and staff on an ongoing basis that support positive change to promote equal access to health and healthcare and to reduce healthcare disparities.
  5. Meet with representatives from SNMA, HCMO, and other VCOM student professional committees that support improved healthcare for all to assist in planning of events and education; and to hear concerns or recommendations for improvement.
  6. Assist the Dean and administration in resolving any issues that occur on campus or in the community at large that will negatively impact students, faculty, or staff from a specific population as it relates to diversity and social injustice.
  7. Serve as a positive leader for students, faculty, and staff in solving problems and resolving issues that arise from time to time as related to diversity and injustice.
  8. Meet with the Diversity Officers on each campus (via zoom) one time per block so to plan College-wide events, education, and to discuss items of concern across campuses.
  9. The Diversity Officers from each campus will also meet two to four times per year to recommend positive change for the institution as a whole to create positive change for Diversity and Inclusion across campuses.

2020-2021 Diversity Committee – VCOM Auburn

Position Name
Chair Gary Hill, DO, FACOI, Associate Dean for Multicultural Affairs
Member Richard Virgilio, DO, Associate Dean for Pre-Clinical Education
Member Jake T. Williamson, PhD, Associate Dean for Student Services
Member Robert Pepper, DO, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Member Camilo Jimenez Lozano, Director for International Missions
Member Akerria Lee, President of the Student National Medical Association
Member Steven Soriano, President of the Hispanic Community Medical Outreach
Member Carol Ann Gibbs, President of the Christian Medical and Dental Association
Member Raydeer Piromani, President of the Medical Muslim Student Association
Member Brandon Tucker, Student Representative for Sex and Gender Identity
Member Mallory Wilson, Director of Admissions
Member Wendy Sheen, Staff Accountant
Member Mary Ann Taylor PhD, Counselor and Assistant Professor for Psychiatry

Student Organizations VCOM-Auburn

Who are recognized by VCOM and meet on VCOM Campus

Student organizations are open to all students and typically have educational and outreach programs that promote cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion, as well as community-building or educational outreach for medically underserved communities or populations or in socio-economically reduced areas.

The following organizations are nationally recognized medical organizations that also have local student chapters. While they are not sponsored by VCOM, their chapters meet on the VCOM campus and perform community service.

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)

The American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) at VCOM-Auburn Campus fosters and embraces the interest in women’s health issues and the role women have in healthcare.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

The Student National Medical Association (SNMA) was started to address the issues and concerns of both minority medical students and minority communities, both of whom are underrepresented in healthcare. While being an underrepresented student is not a requirement for membership, the organization focuses on creating opportunities for VCOM students to engage medical minority populations through community health initiatives.

Hispanic Community Medical Outreach (HCMO)

The Hispanic Community Medical Outreach (HCMO) organization at the Virginia Campus is dedicated to promoting health to the Hispanic community through education and increasing access to care. HCMO’s medical outreach initiatives involve health screenings and osteopathic treatment for Hispanic populations. In addition to community outreach activities, HCMO also works to promote cultural awareness by organizing fun social events. Finally, HCMO is dedicated to improving the Spanish language skills of the VCOM student population, as well as encouraging involvement and preparation for medical mission trips to Spanish speaking countries to increase the capabilities of VCOM’s future physicians.

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

The Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) at VCOM provides students with opportunities to grow in their faith, connect with Christian physicians locally, participate in service, and develop an awareness of Christian resources related to health issues. The CMDA holds Bible studies and meetings in which local Christian doctors share their experiences in medicine and life. All students, regardless of their faith or belief system, are welcome to attend meetings and to participate in events sponsored by the CMDA. The organization exists to serve Christ together and support one another throughout the adventure of medical school. As followers of Christ, CMDA strives to serve and love fellow students, the community, and the world.

Medical Muslim Student Association (MMSA)

The aim of the Medical Muslim Student Association (MMSA) is to bring awareness to the medical community about healthcare issues unique to Muslim patients and to connect students with upperclassmen, VCOM alumni, and medical professionals. The organization also provides outreach through health education and provides resources to the local community to enhance the delivery of healthcare.

Student Organizations

Student organizations and committees are a very important part of the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM). The service performed by members of student organizations benefits not only the community and the region but also the members, as they gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experience about patient care.

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