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VCOM Students

Meet VCOM Students on Rotation

Clinical rotations give students the chance to see different medical specialties in action and participate in the hands-on experiences they’ll need to be exceptional physicians. It’s a pivotal time for VCOM students, but the best way to understand the importance of rotations is to hear from the students themselves, so we asked a few of our current third-year students to tell us about their rotation experiences and offer some advice to our students who are about to begin this part of their medical education at VCOM. 

Marisela Davis portrait

Marisela Davis: Riverside Regional Medical Center, Newport News

If you could write a “letter” to your second-year self about rotations, what would you say?

Mari, things are about to change. Your schedule and everything in it will have to be adjusted and that will just be part of the journey. Keep yourself as flexible as possible, remember to always ask questions and for feedback. Most importantly, keep pushing through. There are hard days ahead that will arise over the next year or so, but with the right mindset you’ll find your way around. Good luck!

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