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Research Day

The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine (VCOM)-Virginia Campus, in conjunction with Osteopathic Medical Network of Excellence in Education (OMNEE), held the thirteenth Annual Via Research Recognition Day on Friday, February 23, 2018. Research Day is a significant event for VCOM and supports the mission of the College to provide medical education and research that prepares globally-minded, community-focused physicians and improves the health of those most in need.

Over 160 people attended this year’s conference. The event featured research posters from students, faculty, and collaborative researchers in the region, spanning the fields of biomedical, educational, and clinical research. OMNEE sponsored a portion of the poster competition, with residents from multiple programs submitting posters of the work conducted during their residency tenure. Approximately 30 OMNEE resident research posters were participants in the poster competition. Similarly, students and faculty from VCOM Virginia and collaborating entities in the area submitted a total of 70 posters in the categories of biomedical, clinical, and educational research. Top prizes were awarded to 12 competition entry research posters.

Kimberly Wolf, DO, Assistant Professor and Director of Pediatric OMM, Touro University California College of Osteopathic Medicine presented the keynote lecture “Integrating Research into Osteopathic Clinical Practice”. Pamela VandeVord, PhD, N. Waldo Harrison Professor and Interim Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanics, Virginia Tech presented the luncheon lecture “Collaborative Pathways: The Intersection of Engineering and Medicine”.

A feature of this year’s event was the plenary lecture delivered by Michael Flynn, PhD, Division Director of Research, Physicians Services Group, HCA South Atlantic. The lecture, entitled, “Writing the Literature.”

Awards for Research Day 2018

OMNEE Resident Research Poster Winners

First Place
Cara Marie Rogers, DO, Carilion Clinic
Inhabition of PIK3CB/p110β, a Selective Survival Factor for Glioblastoma

Second Place
Christopher Busch, DO, Virginia Tech Carilion SOM &RI
Transcriptional Regulation of Amino Acid Transport in Glioblastoma

Third Place
Brent Portz, DO, SOVAH Health Internal Medicine Residency Program, Danville VA
Establishment of a tubule-specific renal panel in acute kidney injury

Biomedical Research – Students

First Place
Mike Mykins, VCOM-Virginia Campus
A Non-Pharmacological Therapy Improves Spatial Memory, Waste Clearance and Neurotransmission in Naturally Aged Rat Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Second Place
Carrie Fisher, VCOM Virginia Campus
Impact of antibiotic use in pregnancy and subsequent gastrointestinal flora disruption on behaviors in mice offspring

Biomedical Research – Faculty

First Place
Pawel Michalak, PhD, VCOM Virginia Campus
Integrative Genomics: A new gateway to “ONE HEALTH”

First Place
Govindarajan Rajagopalan
Molecular profiling of staphylococcal superantigen-induced toxic shock syndrome using humanized mice

Second Place
Terry Hrubec, PhD, VCOM Virginia Campus & VA-MD College of Veterinary Medicine, Virginia Tech
Quaternary ammonium compounds temporarily alter the gut microbiome

Clinical Research – Students

First Place
Elizabeth Mack, Virginia Tech
Optimal blood flow characteristics in a four-way right-atrium bypass connector

Second Place
Chris Wyatt, OMSI, VCOM Virginia Campus
Diabetes in southwest Virginia; multifactorial effects of coal mining, mental illness, socioeconomic, clinical care, lifestyle factors

Clinical Research – Faculty

First Place
Liang Shan, PhD, VCOM Virginia Campus
Positive association of job satisfaction and career advancement: An exploratory survey on the impact of clinical dietitian organizational structure

Educational Research – Students

First Place
Paneeni Lohana, OMSII, VCOM Virginia Campus
Multiple myocardial bridges: A significant anatomical variant?

Second Place
Kahley Stanco, OMSII, VCOM Virginia Campus
Improving medical education by integrating ICD codes into lectures

Educational Research – Faculty

First Place
Susan Meacham, VCOM Virginia Campus
Analysis of students’ daily documentation of nutrition related conditions during clinical rotations to inform curricular developments in Medical Education

Second Place
Amber Stephens, DO, SOVAH Health Family Medicine Residency Program, Danville VA
Resident fatigue: Are we doing enough under ACGME work hours standards?