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COVID-19 Response and Resources

COVID-19 Response and Resources

The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine is placing the health and welfare of our VCOM community and the communities in which we reside as our main concern.  More information.


2019 Best Bedside Manner List

Our Health Awards Highlight

Each year medical physicians and providers are voted for by the local community based on their empathy, attentiveness, and the ability to communicate with concern – attributes that go a long way in gaining a patient's confidence. VCOM's faculty and alumni are known for their excellent bedside manner and are always proud to have many recipients of these awards. This year VCOM is pleased to say there are over 70 of our faculty and alumni who made the list! 

Allergy and Immunology:

First- Kristina Kwak, MD, FACAAI, Asthma & Allergy Associates of the New River Valley


First- Angela Billue, MD, Anesthesiology Associates of Radford, Inc.Third- Jeff Brooks, MD, Anesthesiology Associates of Radford, Inc.

Bariatric Medicine:

Second- Charles Bissell, MD, Carilion Clinic


First- Amjad Wyne, MD, Carilion ClinicSecond- Jose Rivero, MD,FACC, Carilion ClinicThird- Sudhendu Choubey, MD, New River Valley Heart Clinic


First- Aleksandra Brown, DO, River Ridge DermatologySecond- Daniel Hurd, DO, New River Dermatology

Ear, Nose and Throat (Otolaryngology):

First- Jennifer Nelson, MD, LewisGale PhysiciansSecond- Kenneth Rogotzke, DO, LewisGale PhysiciansThird- Michael Bowman, MD, LewisGale Physicians

Emergency Medicine:

First- Courtney Rocovich, DO, Carilion NRVSecond- Laura Harvey, DO, LewisGale PhysiciansHonorable Mention- Edmund Sciullo, DO, LewisGale Physicians

Family Practice:

First- Elliot Freed, DO, LewisGale PhysiciansSecond- Isaac Spence, DO, Carilion ClinicHonorable Mention- Carl Hannah, MD, LewisGale Physicians


First- Mark Ringold, MD, Carilion ClinicSecond- Jennifer Sinclair, MD, LewisGale PhysiciansThird- Anand Kishore, MD, Carilion Clinic


First- Harry McCoy, MD, Blue Ridge Cancer CareSecond- Heather Brooks, MD, Blue Ridge Cancer CareThird- Robert Rotche, MD, Blue Ridge Cancer Care

Internal Medicine:

First- Gregory Beato, DO, Medical Associates of Southwest VirginiaSecond- Christine Jordan, MD, LewisGale Physicians

Internal Medicine:

Honorable Mention- Mary-Ellen Mick, DO, Carilion Clinic Internal Medicine - Radford


First- Paul Laflam, MD, Blue Ridge Nephrology AssociatesSecond- Allan Sklar, MD, New River Nephrology AssociatesThird- Bhairvi Trivedi, MD, Blue Ridge Nephrology Associates


First- Jill Cramer, MD, Blue Ridge Associates in NeurologySecond- Chunxiao "Belinda" Zhang, MD, New River Neurology & EpilepsyThird- Manuel Marrufo-Salazae, MD, Neurological Care Clinic, PC

Obstetrics and Gynecology:

First- Sanam Campbell, MD, New River Womens HealthSecond- Carrie Champine, DO, Virginia Women's Health (LewisGale)Honorable Mention- Alex Letham, DO, Virginia Women's Health (LewisGale)Honorable Mention- Christopher, Colby, MD, Carilion Clinic

Ophthalmology: Honorable Mention- Daniel Drysdale, MD, Drysdale Eye Center


First- Stuart Gardner, MD, LewisGale PhysiciansThird- Christopher Catterson, MD, Carilion Clinic

Osteopathic Medicine:

First- David Harden, DO, VCOM Sports and Osteopathic MedicineSecond- Bradley McCrady, DO, VCOM Sports and Osteopathic MedicineThird- Hope Tobey, DO, VCOM Sports and Osteopathic Medicine

Pain Management:

First- Tejal Raju, MD, Virginia Intervention Pain and SpineSecond- Anthony Dragovich, MD, Blue Ridge Pain and Spine Associates


First- Christina Kozar, DO, New Beginnings PediatricsSecond- Sofia Hardee, DO, New Beginnings PediatricsHonorable Mention- Belle Dalton, MD, New Beginnings PediatricsHonorable Mention- Timothy Walker, MD, NRV PediatricsHonorable Mention- Ann Collins, DO, NRV Pediatrics

Physical Medicine:

First- Brad McCrady, DO, VCOM Sports & Osteopathic MedicineSecond- Ethan Colliver, DO, Valley Sports and Spine ClinicThird- Ralph Brown Jr., MD, Carilion Clinic


First- Mark Wilt, DPM, Foot and Ankle Clinic of the Virginia's


First- Nnenna Okereke, MD, Carilion St. AlbansHonorable Mention- Gagandeep Singh, MD, New River Valley Community Services

Sports Medicine:

First- Mark Rogers, DO, VCOM sports and osteopathic medicineSecond- Bart Eastwood, DO, Sideline Orthopaedics and Sports MedicineThird- Ethan Colliver, DO, Valley Sports and Spine ClinicHonorable Mention        Bradley McCrady              DO          VCOM Sports and Osteopathic Medicine

Surgery: General:

First- Jason Fowlkes, MD, LewisGale PhysiciansSecond- Amanda Reese, DO, LewisGale PhysiciansThird- David Stoeckle, MD, LewisGale PhysiciansHonorable Mention- Charles Harris, MD, Carilion Clinic

Surgery: Orthopaedic:

First- Bart Eastwood, DO, Sideline Orthopedics and Sports MedicineSecond- Jonathan Maher, MD, Carilion ClinicThird- Christofer Catterson, MD, Carilion ClinicHonorable Mention- Stuart Gardner, MD, LewisGale Physicians

 Surgery: Vascular:

First- Ashish Raju, MD, Carilion ClinicSecond- LaMiere Downing, MD, Carilion Clinic


First- Brian Tully, MD, Carilion Clinic UrologySecond- Judy Chun, MD, Carilion Clinic UrologyThird- Christopher Reynolds, MD, Carilion Clinic Urology

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