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VCOM Campus

Wireless Networks

See below for wireless internet access instructions by location.

Virginia Campus

Connect to the eduroam wireless network

eduroam is available on the VCOM – Virginia Campus. VCOM students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the eduroam wireless network, which will also enable Internet access at participating universities and institutions.

VCOM Virginia wireless networks use the IEEE 802.1x authentication standard. Once configured, there will be no need to manually authenticate with each access to the wireless network.

To log in:

  • Username: Use your email address using only the @VCOM.EDU. Username example: “
  • Password: The password is the same as your email password.

Connect to eduroam quick tutorial for Windows (DOC)

Should I use VT-Wireless or eduroam?

VT-Wireless is a service provided by Virginia Tech, it would be used if you needed to self-enroll as a guest to connect to the internet (if you don’t have eduroam access). The session lasts for 9 hours, after the 9 hours the guest access would have the setup again.

VT-Wireless and eduroam are equivalent in terms of performance and functionality. eduroam is the preferred network and ensures that a user is configured to access eduroam at other participating institutions

Carolina Campus

Faculty, Staff and Student Access

Follow the steps below to access VCOM’s  wireless network

  • Step 1.  Locate available wireless networks. 
  • Step 2. Click on [eduroam]
  • Step 3. When prompted, enter your email username and password.


Acceptable Use Guidelines

[VCOM] Wireless is intended for faculty, staff and students to be able to connect their laptops for internet related business, curriculum and research. By connecting to the VCOM wireless network you are agreeing to the Acceptable Use Guidelines and Terms and Conditions set forth by Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


VCOM offers [Guest] Wireless. This wireless service is reserved for visiting guests. The [Guest] wireless service is throttled down so that priority bandwidth (speed & performance) is given to the [VCOM] Wireless network. It is imperative that you remain on the VCOM wireless network so that online testing and “video on demand” is faster and more secure. 

Support Services

For further support, please stop by the Operations Center (located by the front guest entrance, Room 112), or log onto to create a ticket. Please include a short description of the problem and your contact information so we may contact you.

Auburn Campus

1. Wireless Service Registration (AU_WiFi)

  • Auburn faculty, staff and students are automatically registered for wireless service when they receive their VCOM badge from Auburn Identity Management.

2. Username and Password

  • Users are provided a set of instructions with a wireless username and temporary password when the VCOM badge is picked up. Login to AU_WiFi to create your own password.
  • There is no expiration on this password, and it can be the same as your VCOM password.

3. Guest Wireless (AU_OPEN).

  • AU_Open is a wireless network strictly for visitors to campus that need temporary WiFi access (30 days or less).
  • To request access to this network, a helpdesk ticket request will need to be submitted at


FAQ and Troubleshooting