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Clinical Program Description

Tom Dayberry, MA, PhD, DO
Interim Associate Dean for OMS IV and Post-Graduate Affairs
tdayberry [at]
Donald A. Langley, DO
Interim Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
dlangley [at]

VCOM has developed a model medical curriculum that provides clinical training in non-urban community based hospitals with significant training experiences in rural areas. VCOM has established the resources for an academic environment in both rural and community based hospitals including electronic libraries, advanced videoconferencing systems, online VCOM TV, and a structured academic clinical training program. Rotations are designed to provide optimal learning experiences and are with contracted, fully appointed clinical faculty. Through exposure to rural and medically underserved areas, students will have hands-on clinical training where they also gain an appreciation for the many rewards of rural and community based medicine. Students spend six of the nine months in their third year in community based hospitals of 100 to 400 beds and a minimum of three months in affiliated practices where core primary care training is available. Students are well prepared for the rotations in the fourth year provide a more traditional academic health center and residency exposure.

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