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David J Stephen, DO

David Stephen
David Stephen, DO
Associate Dean for OMS 4th Year and Graduate Medical Education
Discipline Chair for Pathology and Histology
Department/Disciplines: Pathology and Histology, Clinical Affairs
Campus: Auburn
Office: 320
Fax: 334-442-4097
Email: Contact

Research Interests

Effects of Indole-3-Carbinol on LGR5 expression in adenocarcinoma of the colon.

Indole-3-Carbinol is a naturally occurring molecule found in abundance within cruciferous vegetables. LGR5 is a protein that is associated with advance stage colon cancers and is implicated in the regulation of cancer stem cells. This research will assess the effectiveness of Indole-3-Carbinol on inhibiting LGR5 expression in primary colon cancers. LGR3 expression is a potential promising target for therapeutic drug design.

Proposed Benefits:

  • Potential promising target for which to direct future chemotherapeutic drug design.
  • Assist in further identifying the cascade of malignant transformation of cancer stem cells in the colon.

Selected Publications

Year Faculty Citation PMID
2020 David Stephen, Mayra Rodriguez

Stephen D, Rodriguez M. Chapter 10: Medical Education with Multicultural Perspectives: Cultivating Culturally Competent Physicians. In: Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning in Higher Education; Eds Octavia Tripp and Rhonda M. Collier. IGI Global: 2020:218-238.