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Alumni Association

Dear Fellow Alumni,

Welcome to the VCOM Alumni Association! As the President of the Virginia Alumni Advisory Board, I would like to share with you the many ways you can be involved and support the wonderful opportunities available through the Alumni Association.

Whether you make a monetary donation or donate your time, the support of fellow and future alums will help us all and enable VCOM to continue on as the great educational institution it is today. The Alumni Association offers opportunities for fellowship and allows you to reconnect with classmates. This is your Alumni Association and we are honored to represent you. Take a look at the opportunities listed below and consider how you can be more involved this year.

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Association Goals

  • Provide opportunities for current students to become active with alumni
  • Deliver engagement pathways to alumni to improve their practices and their lives
  • Provide mentor opportunities for VCOM students and prospective students
  • Foster lifelong learning opportunities and career connections for alumni


  • Discounts at school-based CME events
  • Copies of the VCOM View and the annual report

VCOM Alumni Association Board

The Alumni Association Board is made up of VCOM graduates and a representative from each of the current classes. The purpose of the Association is to educate, enlist, and provide opportunities for future alumni to become active in the Association. Additionally, the board has a goal to foster lifelong learning opportunities and career connections for VCOM alumni, provide pathways for alumni to participate in continuous quality improvements in their practices and their lives, provide mentoring opportunities for VCOM students in order to actively engage them in the Osteopathic profession, and other activities adopted by the Alumni Board or Association.

Sherry Penland-Ismatov

Sherry Penland-Ismatov, DO
Class of 2009

Bill Thomas II

Class of 2007

Larry Carpio, DO

Larry Carpio, DO
Class of 2015

Alumni Representatives

Class Year Representatives
2007 Kristin Childers, DO
Macy Latter, DO
Heidi Leftwich, DO
Niyati Sheth Sandhu, DO
Bill Thomas, DO
2008 John Casey, DO
Jay Snyder, DO
2009 Mark Haygood, DO
Sherry Penland-Ismatov, DO
2010 Siraj Abdullah, DO
Elizabeth Lee Mizelle, DO
2011 Molly Ashby, DO
Ariana Martin, DO
2012 Ben Bring, DO
2013 Veera Motashaw, DO
Jonas Rawlins, DO
2015 Larry Carpio, DO
2016 Yasir Abdul-Rahman, DO
R. Blake Lowe, DO
2017 Kali Alvarado, DO


Student Representatives

Class Year Student Representatives
2022 Jessalyn Berry
2023 Curtis McInnis
2024 Thi Lovo
2025 Zachary Simmons
2026 Widad Salah
Jason Hill

President of VCOM-Carolinas Alumni Advisory Board
Jason Hill, DO
Class of 2017

Leon Przybylowski

Vice-President of VCOM-Carolinas Alumni Advisory Board
Leon Przybylowski, DO
Class of 2017

Alumni Representatives

Class Year Representatives

Ashley Denmark, DO


Jonathan Aun, DO


Jason Hill, DO

Leon Przybylowski, DO


Erika Herrera, DO

Jordan Lakin, DO

2019 Benjamin Catoe, DO

Amanda Fernandez, DO

Anthony "Miles" Scott, DO


Student Representatives

Class Year Student Representatives
2023 Alaina Sturkie
2024 Greg Bello
2025 Venkata "Sai" Kolluru