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VCOM-Carolinas Faculty Present Research Projects

Krit Ritthipichai, DVM, MS, PhD
By Lily Collins -

Research is a key part of VCOM’s mission, and the College encourages students across its four campuses to seek out opportunities to conduct research in topics that interest them. The College’s talented faculty researchers mentor students and oversee research projects while also conducting their own. VCOM researchers contribute original insights to their respective fields, fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity and academic excellence within the institution. 

In December 2023, six VCOM-Carolinas faculty members—Krit Ritthipichai, DVM, MS, PhD; Michael Parks, MPA; Zoltan Hajdu, MD; Bidyut Mohanty, PhD; Steven Enkemann, PhD; and JuliSu DiMucci-Ward, PhD, MPH, RDN, CDE, LD—presented their research at the campus’s annual Fall Research Fair.  

The diverse topics of research included several projects conducted in the VCOM-Carolinas Simulation Center as well as several projects focused on pulmonary issues. 

Dr. Enkemann talked about personalizing chemotherapy to make it more effective while also causing fewer side effects for patients. Cancer therapies are often chosen based on the specific genetic and molecular details of each cancer. But what about the specific genetic and molecular details of each patient? Treatments effective against a tumor may be toxic for the patient. Dr. Enkemann’s research seeks to develop a genetic test that will predict if a cancer drug would be harmful to the patient and, if so, indicate alternative treatments.  

Students engaging in Dr. Enkemann’s research explore the complexities of how genetic differences between people shape our noses, color our eyes and define our height, and the ways genetics impact how the body metabolizes drugs. This research experience enhances the students' ability to interpret and apply scientific literature to clinical scenarios, fostering a more comprehensive approach to patient care. 

Click the links below to see Dr. Enkemann’s presentation as well as those of his colleagues: 

DiMucciWard - Are the Zung Depression and Anxiety Scales Still Valid in 2023 (PDF)

DiMucciWard - Correlations Between Methyldopa Administration and Norepinephrine Levels in 14 Outpatient Psychiatric Patients (PDF)

DiMucciWard - Stanford MetMap (PDF)

Enkemann - Improving Growth Curves (PDF)

Enkemann - Personalizing Chemotherapy (PDF)

Hajdu - Cardiovascular Biology and Tissue Engineering Laboratory (PDF)

Mohanty - Noncanonical DNA Structures and Diseases (PDF)

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