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VCOM-Carolinas hosts a Pediatric and Neonatal Bootcamp

VCOM-Carolinas Pediatric and Neonatal Bootcamp Participants
By James Nichols -

On Saturday, April 17, VCOM-Carolinas hosted a Pediatric and Neonatal Bootcamp course for second year medical students. The course was taught by pediatric faculty at VCOM-Carolinas, and was directed by Hanna Sahhar, MD, FAAP, FACOP, Discipline Chair for Pediatrics. The course agenda was designed to prepare students for their third-year rotations. Additional support was provided by Dennis Jurs, MD, the esteemed “Founding Father of Pediatrics” at Spartanburg Regional Hospital, who oversaw well child visits for two-year-olds and a vascular access clinical skills module.

Ten modules were included in the day’s activities, including well child visits for children two months, six months and four years of age and high fidelity simulations of seizure and anaphylaxis. Additional modules included airways clinical skills and vascular access clinical skills. The bootcamp utilized VCOM-Carolinas’ state of the art educational facilities, including the Simulation Center.

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