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Current Research Projects

Sponsored Research Projects Currently Active

PI Name Project Title Funding Agency Campus
A mobile health and wellness coaching intervention for weight loss VCOM REAP Auburn Campus
Acquisition of a real-time shear wave ultrasound elastography system for translational musculoskeletal research VCOM REAP Virginia Campus
An integrative genomics platform for osteopathic medicine VCOM REAP Virginia Campus
Balancing the maternal microbiota-perinatal neuroimmune axis: Implications for neurodevelopmental disorders Center for One Health Research Virginia Campus
Biofeedback Tai Chi for knee osteoarthritis: A mechanistic study VCOM REAP Auburn Campus
Biomechanical basis of pediatric mTBI due to sports related concussion NIH (Virginia Tech) Virginia Campus
Bringing precision medicine to anatomy lab VCOM REAP Virginia Campus
Developing a lamb model for the study of human and bovine RSV disease Center for One Health Research Virginia Campus
Development and pharmacological characterization of mechanistically distinct NMDA receptor allosteric modulators American Heart Association Virginia Campus
Development of a point-of-care diagnostic kit for bacterial and viral pneumonia VCOM REAP Virginia Campus
Development, implementation and assessment of an interprofessional education program: Identification of best practices AACOM Carolinas Campus
DOD-NCAA Grand Challenge: Concussion assessment, research and education (CARE) consortium NCAA/DOD (Virginia Tech) Virginia Campus
Early growth response protein 2 (EGR2)-mediated epigenetic regulatory network in lupus Center for One Health Research Virginia Campus
Efficacy of abdominal lymphatic pump technique in enhancing CD8+ T cell responses and adoptive cell therapy for cancer VCOM REAP Carolinas Campus
Failure modes in wearable performance monitors Auburn University (DOD) Auburn Campus
Gender-specific differences in concussion tolerance VCOM REAP Virginia Campus
Genetic markers for responders to dofetilide therapy in persistent atrial fibrillation Carilion Clinic Virginia Campus
Head impact biomechanics, concussion and osteopathic structural diagnosis and treatment American Osteopathic Association Virginia Campus
Hematopoietic-derived cells are blocking EMT during heart valve development VCOM REAP Carolinas Campus
Identifying the multi-hit combinations of inherited and somatic mutations in childhood cancers VCOM REAP Virginia Campus
Improved diagnosis of acute and chronic Lyme disease in humans and dogs Center for One Health Research Virginia Campus
In vivo eccentric loading therapy to treat Achilles tendinopathy Center for One Health Research Virginia Campus
Integrative genomics of small noncoding RNAs in host-associated bacteria Center for One Health Research Virginia Campus
IPA: Role of bone blood flow in bone loss following spinal cord injury NF/SG Veterans Health System Auburn Campus
Microsatellite genotype prediction of medulloblastoma risk and the germline foundation of predisposition Children's Research Institute Virginia Campus
MRI: Acquisition of a Force-measuring treadmill for biomedical experimentation and assistive device development National Science Foundation (Virginia Tech) Virginia Campus
Nanotrap tick-panel test development Virginia Biosciences Health Research Corporation (Virginia Tech) Virginia Campus
Neurophysiological effects of whole coffee fruit concentrate in older adults with mild cognitive impairment: a fMRI investigation FutureCeuticals Auburn Campus
Novel cranial mechanisms for improving brain metabolic waste clearance in Alzheimer’s disease VCOM REAP Virginia Campus
Quantification and qualification of stem cells after peripheral mobilization and harvest for orthopaedic point of care applications Arthrex Auburn Campus
Reconstructions of concussive impacts in football VCOM REAP Virginia Campus
Role of LGR5 in adenocarcinoma stem cell survival and proliferation VCOM REAP Carolinas Campus
The Cherokee and Spartanburg County outreach initiative (CSCOI) Appalachian Regional Commission Carolinas Campus
The effect of facial effleurage on acute rhinosinusitis VCOM REAP Carolinas Campus
The role of tri-heteromeric (GluN1/2/3) NMDA receptors in stroke and its mitigation Center for One Health Research Virginia Campus
Using known genetic variants to enhance cancer prevention in the Unites States and abroad VCOM REAP Virginia Campus
VCOM advanced suturing course for residents IV Ethicon Virginia Campus
Via bioinformatics and clinical genetics network Via-Bradley College of Engineering Foundation Virginia Campus
Whole exome sequencing reveals microsatellite markers for atrial fibrillation risk and anti-arrhythmic therapy response VCOM REAP Virginia Campus

Biomedical Research

PI Name Project Title Campus
A morphologic and T2 mapping score of the anterior cruciate ligament: Developing an outcome score for the evaluation of ACL reconstructions Auburn Campus
Acute effects of OxySport on lipolysis and basal metabolic rate, as well as chronic effects of OxySPORT on body composition in overweight, college-aged males Auburn Campus
Aging and gender in cardiac and cardiovascular disease Virginia Campus
Antigen presentation and immune cell viability in simulated microgravity Carolinas Campus
Are quat disinfectants developmental or reproductive toxins? Virginia Campus
Biochemical effects of OMM at the cellular level Virginia Campus
Cerium Oxide nanoparticles in the treatment of traumatic brain injury Virginia Campus
Determining the mechanism behind the modulatory effects of sGP on macrophage and dendritic cell functions Carolinas Campus
Development of a nosocomial bacterial vaccine Virginia Campus
Development of a point-of-care diagnostic kit for bacterial and viral pneumonia Virginia Campus
Developmental immunotoxicity of quat disinfectants Virginia Campus
Effect of boron on UV-induced skin cancer Virginia Campus
Effect of Ebola virus proteins, secreted glycoprotein and viral protein 40, upon natural killer cell function Carolinas Campus
Effect of Ebola virus proteins, VP40 and secreted glycoprotein, upon macrophage differentiation, polarization and function Carolinas Campus
Effects of a ketogenic diet on bone health Auburn Campus
Effects of a purported thermogenic nutraceutical on changes in body composition and metabolism Auburn Campus
Effects of a subchronic ketogenic diet on skeletal muscle anabolic and catabolic signaling and adipose tissue signaling Auburn Campus
Effects of aging and nutrition on systemic stem cell content and physiological systems Auburn Campus
Effects of aging on systemic stem cell content and tissue functionality Auburn Campus
Effects of chronic testosterone and trenbolone enanthate on mature myostatin protein expression, skeletal muscle hypertrophy and satellite cell number Auburn Campus
Effects of chronic testosterone and trenbolone treatment on markers of skeletal muscle ribosome biogenesis Auburn Campus
Effects of egg protein + colostrum blends on immune cell recovery after dexamethasone-induced immunosuppression in rats Auburn Campus
Effects of simulated microgravity upon human pancreatic cancer cell growth and resistance to natural killer cell cytotoxicity Carolinas Campus
Evaluation of respiratory syncytial virus pathogenesis Virginia Campus
Examining brain changes associated with a 30-day diet intervention (Whole30 Diet) Auburn Campus
Exploring the cellular mechanisms of toxicity of noradrenochrome and adrenochrome on endothelial cells Carolinas Campus
Identification of transgenerational methylome changes from disinfectant Virginia Campus
Investigating calcium mobilization in estradiol stimulated NGF differentiated PC-12 cells and the interaction between intracellular SHBG and cytoplasmic estradiol receptors (ER_ and ER_) Carolinas Campus
Investigating the role of antioxidants in attenuating noradrenochrome and adrenochrome toxicity and cell death Carolinas Campus
Making intestinal organoids from induced pluripotent stem cells Carolinas Campus
Molecular mechanism of calcium transport in the heart Virginia Campus
Optimization of bone marrow derived porcine mesenchymal stem cells harvest and cell characterization Auburn Campus
Peripheral blood flow and exercise intolerance in pulmonary arterial hypertension Auburn Campus
Role of bone blood flow in bone loss following spinal cord injury Auburn Campus
Role of LGR5 signaling in skeletal muscle myoblast cells (skMDC) Carolinas Campus
Role of mitochondrial supercomplexes in PAH-induced exercise intolerance Auburn Campus
Role of skeletal muscle arterioles in exercise intolerance in idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension Auburn Campus
Screening tap water for development and reproductive toxicants Virginia Campus
Studying the efficacy of 'BCAA 3.1.2' on cycling performance, body composition, and immune system markers in elite cyclists over a training season Auburn Campus
The effect of Ebola virus proteins on T helper cell cytokine production Carolinas Campus
The effect of Ebola virus proteins, VP40 and sGP, on dendritic cells cytokine production, antigen presentation and T-cell activation Carolinas Campus
Variations of human vasculature Carolinas Campus

Clinical Research

PI Name Project Title Campus
Atypical presentation of anterior ankle impingement in high jumper Virginia Campus
BATIDAV: Berberine adjunct treatment in Diabetes and vascular disease Virginia Campus
Comparing nitrous oxide spirometry and peak flow for the management of exercise induced bronchospasms and asthma Auburn Campus
Concussion reporting among adolescent athletes
Detecting clinically significant cardiac abnormalities with pre-participation ECGs in college athletes Virginia Campus
Differences in participant recall and preference based on patient medication information format Auburn Campus
Effectiveness of noninvasive ventilator modes of respiratory support for infants and children with acute bronchiolitis Carolinas Campus
Evaluation of lumbar puncture assist tool (LPAT) as a guide and training tool for successful lumbar puncture Carolinas Campus
Gender differences in the performance response to brace wear following ACL reconstruction Virginia Campus
Healing rate of LE ulcers using lymphatic techniques Carolinas Campus
Iron supplementation and performance in Division I Athletes Virginia Campus
Non-conformity in the naming of the duodenum and the effect on surgical care Auburn Campus
OMM diagnosis and treatment protocol for pregnant patients with back pain Carolinas Campus
Pediatric Lyme disease in Southwest Virginia Virginia Campus
Persistent Leg Pain in a Division I Basketball Player Virginia Campus
Pilot Study: Novel therapeutic strategies for treatment of Alzheimer disease Virginia Campus
PolyMA adjunct myeloma study Virginia Campus
Potential damage to nerve cells due to antibodies from a patient infected with Lyme disease Virginia Campus
The effect of osteopathic manipulative treatment on golf swings as measured by driver distances Carolinas Campus
Undetected Lyme disease in populations in Southwest Virginia, leading to delayed treatment and an increased incidence of chronic infection Virginia Campus
Valgus extension overload in young gymnast leading to osteochondritis dissecans of the left capitellum Virginia Campus
VCOM orthopedic sports medicine research initiative Auburn Campus
Voluntary cough as a treatment adjunct for counterstrain and other myofascial release techniques Carolinas Campus

Educational Research

PI Name Project Title Campus
A comparison of medical student versus preceptor evaluation of clinical presentation skills Carolinas Campus
Are higher levels of intrinsic motivation related to higher levels of class performance in medical students? Carolinas Campus
Assessing the effectiveness of a Summer Enrichment Program in science and medicine for high school students Carolinas Campus
Case-based interdisciplinary teaching in the preclinical years; a preliminary study on student’s ability to integrate information Carolinas Campus
Creating a Professional Learning Community within Osteopathic Medical Students to foster a positive environment for peer-to-peer learning to improve retention rates Carolinas Campus
Diagnostic experiences of 3rd and 4th year medical students on clinical rotations Virginia Campus
Does computer note-taking have any effect on retention vs. manual note taking in human gross anatomy? Carolinas Campus
Does pre-clinical pediatric experience improve competence and/or confidence in performance during 3rd year pediatric rotations? Carolinas Campus
From cadavers to cases: Using adult learning theories to enhance the laboratory environment Virginia Campus
Gender differences in the use of electronic asynchronous learning tools in osteopathic medical education Virginia Campus
Improvement of througthput of plastinated human organs Virginia Campus
Investigating the effectiveness of an Interprofessional Education curriculum on student attitudes toward interprofessional collaboration Carolinas Campus
Is student performance is negatively affected by rotating dissection teams? Carolinas Campus
Joint research project on necrotizing periodontal diseases in children Virginia Campus
Pathology consultation in the gross anatomy lab Auburn Campus
Reliability of standardized patient graders versus faculty in a clinical procedural skills assessment in undergraduate medical education Virginia Campus
The effect of required academic support services on academic performance in the medical school setting Virginia Campus
The effects of osteopathic medical school on medical student posture Carolinas Campus
The efficiency and efficacy of integrated multidisciplinary learning modules that contain active learning components Virginia Campus
Utilizing early pediatric growth to predict the incidence of obesity at 7 years of age Carolinas Campus

Outreach and Other Research

PI Name Project Title Campus
Application of low cost prosthetic devices in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and surrounding areas Virginia Campus
Assessment of hygiene, water accessibility and sanitation in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras Virginia Campus
Determination of weaning foods used in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Honduras and the impact they have upon gastrointestinal parasitic infections in children Virginia Campus
Effectiveness of educational intervention in medically underserved communities Carolinas Campus
Effectiveness of health fairs in the Hispanic community Carolinas Campus
El Salvador: Exploring barriers to cervical cancer screening Carolinas Campus
Health status of populations in coal mining communities in the Appalachian region of Virginia and West Virginia Virginia Campus
Healthcare students' perception of an interprofessional experience designed to assess fall risks among a community-dwelling population Carolinas Campus
Infectious disease assessment in the Caribbean and Central America Virginia Campus
Learning to PLAY! Promoting lifelong activity in youth to prevent pediatric obesity through a holistic intervention at an elementary school in South Carolina Carolinas Campus
Preventive health: Evaluating core strength, symmetry, somatic dysfunction, and injury prevalence among emergency medical personnel Carolinas Campus
Rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity in coal production communities in economically distressed areas of Virginia and West Virginia in central Appalachia Virginia Campus
Retrospective study of amputee patient demographic assessment in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and surrounding areas Virginia Campus
Risk factors for cervical cancer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras Carolinas Campus
Survey of clinical encounters and demographics in Veron, Dominican Republic Virginia Campus
Survey of nutrition program support and community development in Honduras Virginia Campus
The prevalence of dermatological infections found in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Honduras and rural Appalachia Virginia Campus
VCOM community environment assessment in community centers and an orphanage in Tegucigalpa, Honduras Virginia Campus