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Wireless Network

What you need to connect to the wireless network at VCOM

1. Be registered for wireless service

  • Students are automatically registered for wireless service before the first day of class
  • Laptop Users: faculty and staff with laptop computers are automatically registered for wireless service
  • Desktop Users: faculty and staff with desktop computers can obtain wireless service by submitting a support ticket to the HelpDesk

2. Your Virginia Tech network password

A network password enables Virginia Campus users to connect to VT-Wireless and eduroam wireless networks.

  • Your network password is different from your VT PID password


3. Connect to the eduroam wireless network

eduroam is available on the VCOM – Virginia Campus. VCOM students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the eduroam wireless network, which will also enable Internet access at participating universities and institutions.

VCOM Virginia wireless networks use the IEEE 802.1x authentication standard. Once configured, there will be no need to manually authenticate with each access to the wireless network.


Should I use VT-Wireless or eduroam?
VT-Wireless and eduroam are equivalent in terms of performance and functionality. eduroam is the preferred network and ensures that a user is configured to access eduroam at other participating institutions.

When connecting a Wi-Fi enabled device to the campus network for the first time, select the CONNECTtoVT-Wireless network and use the XpressConnect configuration service, or follow the link below.