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Peer Tutoring Program

Peer TutoringVCOM provides peer tutoring free to first and second year students. The tutoring program is coordinated by The Center for Institutional, Faculty and Student Success and the Medical Education Department and is facilitated by the students chosen as peer tutors.  Tutoring is offered in a study-group format. Each session lasts approximately 1 hour.  The content of the peer tutoring session is designed to assist students in understanding concepts covered in the curriculum as well as to prepare for the upcoming examination.  Peer tutors receive support and guidance from the Course Director who may provide the peer tutor with a list of important or frequently confused topics to cover, additional study materials, practice questions, etc...  Students should come to the peer tutoring session prepared to participate by being aware of their areas of strength and weakness in relation to the curriculum and bringing suggestions for topics or questions.

Who can attend a tutoring session?

Any student, regardless of academic performance, may attend a tutoring session.  Any student who scores less than 70% on an exam is identified as needing academic assistance and is referred to The Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success.  Among the many supports that are provided, these students are usually required to attend the tutoring sessions for that subject.  Students who score less than a 75% on an exam are encouraged to attend peer tutoring before the next exam.

Schedule of Tutoring Sessions

The dates and times for peer tutoring sessions are posted on Scholar. Additionally, information can be found on the block calendar or by emailing the Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success or the Medical Education Department.

Attendance Records

Attendance records are kept for tutoring sessions. The peer tutor is responsible for having students sign-in on the attendance log during the session. The next business day, following the tutoring session, the peer tutor submits the attendance log to VCOM. Attendance records of each tutoring session are kept for two years or until the beginning of the class’ OMS 3 year.  The Student Promotion Board may ask for the attendance record(s) of tutoring session(s) if the student is called before the board in an effort to determine if the student was proactive about improving his or her academic performance.

Evaluation of Program

The peer tutoring program is evaluated at the end of each block, via a survey, by attendees and peer tutors to ensure the quality of tutoring for students.  The evaluations are reviewed at the end of each block by VCOM’s Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success who evaluates whether there are changes and/or improvements that need to be made to the program for the next block or the next academic year. 

Additional Support

If you are a student who needs additional academic support, please contact VCOM’s Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success.

Do you want to be a tutor?

First and second year students are recruited to be peer tutors.  Ideally, peer tutors provide peer tutoring for the class year that they are in.  This is important to ensure that the tutor is up to date on the curriculum being taught as well as being familiar with the current faculty expectations and teaching styles.  After the first exams of each block, potential tutors are identified and contacted as to their interest in being a tutor.  A tutor must carry a GPA of greater than 3.6 and not be in danger of failing any course.  

Any students interested in becoming a peer tutor must complete the “Tutor Application Form”, which details expectations of the tutors.  This form must be completed each academic year by the student.  A meeting for tutors is held once in the fall (for orientation) and once in the spring (for continued training).  Orientation is provided by The Center for Institutional, Faculty, and Student Success.  Tutors must participate in orientation prior to their first tutoring session.

Tutor Application Form