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VCOM Focus Award Winners for 2014-2015

Segment 1 Winners - "Transcendence"

First Place

Jonathan Garber, Class of 2015

Photo Title: “Beacon”

Description: Beacon" -- A lighthouse stands as a beacon of hope, piercing the darkness and guiding individuals along. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, it stands as a symbol of help and direction -- much like a physician should function as he or she transcends boundaries for the purpose of helping others (Picture taken in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia, June 2013.

Second Place

Will Proctor, Class of 2015

Photo Title: “Benjamin Franklin Bridge Walkway”

Description: This is a photograph of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge Walkway which connects Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with Camden, New Jersey. The walkway symbolizes the transcendence of a medical student to a physician. As students, we have the ability to go above and beyond what is expected and exceed limitations as we prepare for a career in medicine.

Third Place

John Casey Turner, Class of 2015

Photo Title: "South into Tegucigalpa"

Description: This photo was taken from the highway in the morning on April 9, 2014 as we drove north out of Tegucigalpa to set up a clinic in Campamento. Transcending boundaries between countries, languages, and class years.

Segment 2 Winners - "Providing Service"

First Place

Caleb Smith, Class of 2017

Photo Title:  “Just a Little Off the Top”

Description:  This one is called "Just a Little Off the Top" taken at the North Carolina Zoo.  I feel that this picture perfectly portrays the idea of serving others beyond the constraints of language barriers.  More than that, it's a visible moment of gratitude captured and understood despite differences in race, gender, beliefs, or even species.

Second Place

Will Proctor, Class of 2015

Photo Title:  “Symbols of Service”

Description: This still-life photograph shows four symbols of service. We provide service with our hands by diagnosing and using osteopathic manipulative treatment. We carry our stethoscope and put on our white coat to serve patients. And we wear the VCOM insignia that represents our school's mission to serve rural and medically underserved populations.

Third Place

Jacob Moyer, Class of 2017

Photo Title:  "Lend an Ear"  

Description:  “Lend an Ear” was taken while on Safari in Tanzania. This herd of elephants lined up to protect one of the babies belonging to the herd, a natural testament to the fact that service is simply love in action.

Segment 3 Winners - "Building Unity"

First Place

Anthony Baglio, Class of 2018

Photo Title:  “Snake River”

Description:  Along the Tetons, the Snake River and its tributaries merge together with common purpose—providing energy, fertility, and transportation to the Northwest. With increasing momentum and power the Snake River unites with the Columbia River to further its mission. Like tributaries joining into a roaring river, as physicians we must remember that our mission of excellence in patient care requires us to simply work together with the common goal of doing the most good for our patients (Picture taken in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, July 2014)

Second Place

Caitlyn Buller, Class of 2018

Photo Title:  “Khotso, Pula, Nala (Peace, Rain, Prosperity)”

Description: I took this photo while living in Maphutseng, Lesotho.  This community embodies the meaning of “unity” as they work together to plow and plant the fields each spring. They adhere to the principles of conservation agriculture to preserve the quality and fertility of the soil for future generations. 

Third Place

Travis Dichoso, Class of 2017

Photo Title:  “The Somport Tunnel”

Description:  The Somport Tunnel is a modern single lane 8.6 km tunnel through the Pyrénées Mountains linking Spain and France. Dating back to Roman times, The Somport was the only unifying link between the two, often warring, regions.

Segment 4 Winners - "Empowerment"

First Place

Laura Mischell, Class of 2018

Photo Title: “The Shrine of Democracy”

Description: Carved high into the rugged granite, is the face of a man who used his power to empower others. Like the three others beside him, he had a vision of a future where people had the knowledge and freedom to create their own destiny. Today he continues to watch over America, his vision a reality. As physicians, it is our duty to empower those around us through patient-centered care, education, and compassion. Our dedication to humanity and health will also leave a legacy that will radiate through future generations.

Second Place

Travis Dichoso, Class of 2017

Photo Title: “Col du Tourmalet”

Description: Col du Tourmalet is one of the highest and most recognizable peaks of the Tour de France. Located in the clouds of the French Pyrenees, the statue of the gasping cyclist is an empowering image of what it is like to reach the most grueling of goals. Through our grueling studies at VCOM, we not only empower ourselves, but we empower our patients through the dignity we bring them in the healing process. 

Third Place

Yasmin Bholat, Class of 2018

Photo Title: “Bridging Generations of Osteopaths at the 2015 American Academy of Osteopathy Convocationl”

Description: The Downtown Louisville Kentucky Bridge is a means of empowering many individuals to get from one place to another. But on March 11, 2015 this bridge became a means of empowerment for generations of osteopaths as they attended the 2015 American Academy of Osteopathy Convocation. The convocation brought osteopaths from around the world to empower current and future medical professionals on osteopathic principles and practices, as they serve local and global communities.