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Statistical Consulting and Collaboration

Statistical Consulting and Collaboration

The Research Biostatistician at VCOM provides statistical advice, analysis and education to VCOM researchers by offering statistical consulting and collaboration. This includes help with study design, sample size calculation, data visualization and analysis, and interpretation of statistical concepts and analysis results. Our services are offered to researchers through two types of assistance: Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Meetings and Statistical Consulting Sessions.

Statistical Consulting Sessions are designed to address your quick statistical questions or to help with research projects requiring less than 30 minutes of assistance. Please sign up for assistant and provide brief information from the Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Request Form. The biostatistician will contact you by email, phone call, Polycom, or in-person meetings. Those who sign up for a statistical consulting session and need remote work have to find their own place for the meeting and dial in. 

Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Meetings are developed for more in-depth questions or longer projects, and offer the researchers more flexibility of timing and meeting approaches. 

If you wish to consult or collaborate with the biostatistician, please review the guidelines below then submit the Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Request Form.

Contact email: biostat [at]

Statistical Consulting and Collaboration Guidelines

PI Responsibility

  • I will provide at least 1-hour notice to all parties if I must cancel a meeting or arrive late for any reason.
  • I understand that statistical consulting deals with simple questions that could be solved within a short period (approximately 1-1.5 hour) and does not need repeated scheduled meetings with the biostatistician; whereas statistical collaboration answers research questions and it requires long-term partnership with the biostatistician, preferably from the initial stage, role of the biostatistician may be Co-PI or Co-Investigator.
  • I understand that the biostatistician primarily provides advice and assistance for my project and DOES NOT typically clean or format data.
  • To make the most of my time with the biostatistician, I will try to come prepared to the first meeting with research background, research goals and questions, research papers that may assist the biostatistician in understanding my research, and results of any analyses already performed—including plots or graphs.
  • I understand that many problems cannot be solved in just one meeting and am prepared to meet several times with the biostatistician if needed.
  • I understand that request should be received well ahead of the proposed deadline to receive proper attention. In cases of emergency, and subject to the availability of the biostatistician, limited assistance may be provided on short notice. However, there is no guarantee that every requested deadline can be honored.
  • I understand that projects are processed based on the request date (first come, first serve) and hard deadlines. In addition, projects may be triaged based on priorities of the administration team.
  • I understand that I cannot receive assistance on class projects or homework.

Biostatistician Responsibility

  • I will provide at least 1-hour notice to all parties if I must cancel a meeting or arrive late for any reason.
  • I will provide assistance in a timely manner to the collaborators.
  • I will provide advice in data formatting or cleaning if needed.
  • I will advise the collaborators on appropriate study design or analyses for their data and assist in performing the analyses as time allows.
  • I will discuss with the collaborators statistical assumptions made and the potential drawbacks of different analyses.
  • I will attempt to explain the statistical methods used and results in a way that the collaborators understand.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the research biostatistician: biostat [at]