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Alexis Stoner, PhD, MPH

Alexis Stoner

Alexis Stoner, PhD, MPH

Discipline Chair for Epidemiology, Community and Public Health and Preventive Medicine
Carolinas Campus


astoner [at]

Alexis Stoner has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Kenyon College, a Master’s degree in Public Health from The Ohio State University, and recently earned a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction – Instructional Design and Technology from Virginia Tech. During her Ph.D program, her dissertation explored incorporating mindfulness as an instructional strategy to enhance reflection within a situation learning environment. Currently, her research focuses on incorporating mindfulness within medical education, designing authentic learning experiences for undergraduate medical students, along with developing educational public health initiatives to improve health outcomes among underserved populations. She has also spent time exploring hygiene and water accessibility at our international outreach sites.


2016 Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University PhD - Curriculum and Instruction, Instructional Design and Technology
2012 The Ohio State University School of Public Health MPH - specialization in Environmental Health Science
2009 Kenyon College BA - Biology

Current Professional Organizations

  • American Public Health Association
  • Association for Prevention Teaching and Research
  • Association for Education Communication and Technology
  • The Way to Wellville- Access to Care for the Uninsured Committee Co-chair

Current Research Projects

  • 2nd year osteopathic medical students’ exposure to a community health assessment and intervention project
  • A Mental Health and Wellness App for Osteopathic Medical Students
  • El Salvador: Exploring barriers to cervical cancer screening
  • PLAY - Promoting Lifelong Activity in Youth - an Osteopathic Approach to Engage Children in Physical Activity using an Integrative Family-Centered Approach
  • Preventive health: Evaluating core strength, symmetry, somatic dysfunction, and injury prevalence among emergency medical personnel
  • Risk factors for cervical cancer in Tegucigalpa, Honduras


Year Published Faculty Citation PMID

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