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VCOM Students Recognized for Exhibiting Outstanding Humanism

Select fourth-year students at all three campuses were inducted into VCOM’s inaugural group of the Arnold P. Gold Foundation’s Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS). These students were nominated by their peers and then chosen by a selection committee. The society recognizes students who display compassionate patient care and are role models for others.

As the first groups of GHHS members at VCOM, they are responsible for carrying out a signature project and starting GHHS activities at each campus. Participation by members and working on the full-integration of GHHS into VCOM, so that the entire student body is aware of the organization, rounds out the requirements to maintain membership.

“You need to advance quality activities to support your chapter and demonstrate compassion and humanism. It is also a requirement that you educate underclassmen and serve as mentors,” said Bill King, Vice President for Student Services at VCOM.

Currently there are about 30,000 GHHS members either in training or practice. The program began in 2002 as a way for medical educators to recognize applicants to residency programs who showed not only incredible clinical skills, but also interpersonal skills.

Lisa Carroll, MD, Discipline Chair for Family Medicine at VCOM-Carolinas, addressed the inductees at VCOM Carolinas and was a member of GHHS during her time in medical school. “I reflect on the impact the Arnold P. Gold Foundation and GHHS made during my training. The pin I received during my white coat ceremony is such a special treasure to me. It serves as a reminder and challenge to treat all patients and their families with compassionate care,” said Dr. Carroll.

Aside from being able to network with individuals who have the same humanistic beliefs, other benefits of GHHS include: special recognition on the ERAS residency application form, leadership development, chapter awards and grants, mentoring opportunities, conferences, lectures, workshops, and resources to help encourage humanistic patient care.

GHHS members are known for being the physicians others would want to take care of their own family members. VCOM is proud of this empathetic group of students who will undoubtedly use their interpersonal skills to provide the highest level of patient care available.

VCOM Students Recognized for Exhibiting Outstanding Humanism
VCOM–Carolinas Members: Patricia Baker, Julia Bottcher, Eric Bradley, Margaret Claire Caudell, Ashley Corey, Taylor Davis, David deRoos, Lyndsay Fisher, Ryan Griswold, Jessie Hass, Diego Herrera, Spencer Hoffman, Amy Jackson, Ariel Katsimpalis, David Keller, Kevin Londe, Ashley Miller, Kiersten Mullis, Jessica Patrizi, Bridget Peters, Deanna Plewa, Emma Robl, Megan Sears, Anthony Vogt, Avashkar Woompath
VCOM–Virginia Members: Roslyn Alexander, Nikita Chadha, Marcie Costello, Alexandra Dezii, Katherine Farrell, Dakotah Forell, Eden Haile, Joshua Herring, Luke Howell, Desiree Inman, Carolanne Kondos, Sarah Marchione, Elizabeth Marlowe, Robert McCusker, Shannen McGinley, Stefani Mead, Priscilla Pichardo, Trask Printz, Adrian Proumen, Eboni Pullen, Evan Rey, Bailey Rittberger, Gregory Rodden, Frank Sarfo Boakye, Nathan Seeberger, Saleh Sheikh, Kate Slaymaker
VCOM–Auburn Members: Ezra Adams, Michael Brisson, Michael Broome, Daniel Casas, Tiffany Chapman, Tiffiny Cooper, Courtney Duncan, David Emerine, Nikki Gordon, Sofia Klar, Anthony Lam, Chad Lyman, Amber Olsen, Sam Purkey, Angelique Ramirez, Niki Redenius, Will Ruffin, Faye Tata, Carolyn Tran, Noelle Tran, Tyler Tucker, Ashley Uvanni, Scott Wilder