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VCOM-Carolinas Student Doctor of the Year 2019: Elexander Atkinson

VCOM is proud to have Elexander Atkinson as a model for leadership throughout the osteopathic community as VCOM-Carolinas 2019 Student Doctor of the Year. During his time as a VCOM student, he has thoroughly demonstrated his qualifications for this election.

As Information Technology Liaison, Atkinson demonstrated a commitment to service early in his first year of medical school. Initially, the responsibilities of his position included attending all lectures and being proficient in VCOM computer systems, but Atkinson also took further initiative to create a centralized repository for study resources, ensuring continuity and equity of materials for current and future students. His classmates and the Student Government Association (SGA) selected him as Student of the Block because of his innovation and commitment.

As chapter president for the VCOM-Carolinas Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO) Atkinson undertook the responsibility of expanding VCOM-Carolinas’ Mini Convocation event, intending to “reinvigorate our students’ passion for osteopathic manipulative medicine by providing approachable and applicable education.” Under his leadership, the VCOM-Carolinas SAAO chapter received three awards at the 2018 AAO Convocation: SAAO Presidential Accolade, SAAO Chapter of the Year and SAAO Outreach Chapter of the Year. 

As a prominent student leader, Atkinson further advanced the application of osteopathic manipulative medicine through research, working with VCOM-Carolinas’ Microbiology and Immunology faculty to assess the impact of lymphatic pumping techniques on DSS-induced colitis. This work has been celebrated by the osteopathic community with several awards, most notably the $5000 AOA Osteopathic Medical Student Research grant. His research interests reflect his commitment to osteopathic medicine and the advancement of the profession. 

With his deep appreciation of the unique characteristics of osteopathic medicine, Elexander Atkinson is a young leader committed to promoting osteopathic principles.