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Students Unwind with Field Day

VCOM-Virginia’s Class of 2020 hosted a field day Thursday, June 8, 2017, showing that even medical students know how to put down their books and have some fun. The event started with a cookout and transitioned into some competitive games such as leap frog, trivia and a water balloon toss.

Getting together for activities that aren’t related to class help students to find a balance between the rigorous curriculum of VCOM and a healthy lifestyle. It isn’t always easy for students to figure out where their tipping points are, but they eventually find out what works for them.

“To see all these people at an event like this is just great,” said Kim Chekan, VCOM Class of 2020. “Coming in, I felt like it was all study, study. Now I carve out time during the week that is non-negotiable. No matter what I have or haven’t gotten done, I will get up in the morning and run. Even if I have more studying to do, it will optimize your time for when you do sit down and read the books, if you’re taking time for yourself. Otherwise, it’s time wasted – you’re taking double the time to absorb material that you could’ve done if you just gave yourself a break and relaxed.”

So when you think of the labs, lectures and long study sessions that go along with attending medical school, also know that VCOM’s students know how to take a break. “We’ll go out to eat around town or we’ll go downtown at night sometimes, just to play pool and hangout,” said Chekan.

Kahley Stanco, from the VCOM Class of 2020 gave some advice to anyone thinking about going to medical school: “Don’t feel guilty about taking the time for yourself – I really did feel guilty about that at first. I thought everyone else was always studying so I should be too, from when I wake up to when I go to bed at night. Try to find that good balance, that sweet spot, where you are happy with your life outside of school and you’re happy with what you’re doing in school… it’s really important. It takes time and it takes patience, too.”