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Office of Research Administration Forms

Must be completed and submitted prior to proposal submission or contract execution.

  • Proposal Approval Form

    This form is required for all extramural applications including subcontracts.  It must be signed and complete before the ORA will submit the application to the sponsor or prime institution.

  • Proposal Approval Form Instructions
  • Cost Share Approval Form

    If your project involves cost sharing, this form must be completed with signatures and returned to ORA before your proposal will be submitted.

  • Cost Share Approval Form Instructions
  • VCOM Add-on Approval Page

    This form is required when submitting a proposal through Virginia Tech.  The Proposal Approval Form is not required if using this form.

  • Budget Request Form

    This form is available to assist you in planning your application budget. Information in this form is what ORA requires to develop the budget forms.  Please work with ORA to complete your budget.  A budget justification instruction form is also included.

  • Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Disclosure Form

    The FCOI Disclosure Form must be completed and signed prior to applying to extramural proposals.  All persons identified on the research team must complete this form.  Instructions are available on the final page of the form.

  • Supplemental Research FCOI Disclosure Form

    This form must be completed if any questions in the FCOI Disclosure Form were marked “yes.”

  • Subrecipient Financial Conflict of Interest Certification

    If there will be a subcontracting institution on your application, this form must be completed by that institution and submitted to ORA along with the other application paperwork. Instructions are available on the final page of the form.