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Campus: Carolinas Campus
Assistant Dean for Faculty Development
Professor of Pharmacology
Phone: 864-327-9812
Office: 145
Administrative Assistant for Rural Primary Care and Early Clinical Experiences
Phone: 864-327-9874
Office: 248
Research Specialist
Phone: 864-327-9904
Office: Research Lab
Assistant Professor for Anatomical Sciences and Cell Biology and Physiology
Director for Summer Educational Enrichment (SEE) Program
Phone: 864-327-9843
Office: 151
Discipline Chair for Cell Biology and Physiology
Phone: 864-327-9831
Fax: 864-804-6986
Office: 144
Clinical Site Coordinator for Rock Hill
Administrative Assistant to the Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs
Phone: 864-327-9846
Fax: 864-804-6991
Office: 221
Research Specialist
Phone: 864-327-9880
Office: Gibbs Cancer Center
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 864-327-9819
Fax: 864-327-9901
Office: 126
Director for Financial Aid
Phone: 864-327-9836
Fax: 864-804-6986
Office: 118
Assistant Vice President for Information Technology Operations
Phone: 864-327-9999
Office: 156
Assistant Professor for Microbiology and Immunology
Phone: 864-327-9893
Office: Research Lab
Assistant Professor for Family Medicine and OMM
Phone: 864-327-9884
Director for Medical Education
Phone: 864-327-9871
Office: 153
Assistant Professor for OMM
Phone: 864-327-9884
Fax: 864-804-6991
Office: 245
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
Phone: 864-327-9815
Office: Magnolia Research Center, Office 202
Director for Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications
Phone: 864-327-9814
Office: Magnolia 364
Assistant Professor for Cell Biology and Physiology
Phone: 864-327-9827
Office: 149
Discipline Chair for Pharmacology
Phone: 864-327-9908
Office: 139
Discipline Chair for Emergency Medicine
Phone: 864-327-9855
Office: 242
Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs; Assistant Professor for Family Medicine
Phone: 864-327-9851
Office: 239
Director for Accounting and Budgets
Phone: 864-327-9845
Fax: 864-707-2040
Office: 364 Magnolia
Director for Fourth Year Clinical Rotation
Phone: 864-327-9833
Fax: 864-804-6991
Office: 224
Assistant Professor for Family Medicine
Phone: 864-327-9864
Office: 141
Discipline Chair for Family Medicine
Phone: 864-327-9847
Fax: 864-804-6991
Office: 239
Information Technology Technician
Phone: 864-327-9997
Fax: 864-804-6981
Office: 112
Pathology Faculty
Phone: 864-327-9913
Office: 143
Assistant Professor for Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Phone: 864-327-9907
Office: 147
Admissions Coordinator
Phone: 864-327-9906
Fax: 864-804-6986
Office: 114
Assistant Professor for Psychiatry and Neuro-Behavioral Sciences
Phone: 864-327-9875
Office: 123