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Student Merchandise Proposal

Student Organization Information
The student organization's faculty advisor, president, and executive board are aware of and approve this event.
Fundraising Item Details
Describe the item for which you are requesting approval. If you are doing multiple versions of the same item (e.g., two colors of ceramic coffee mugs, both a long-sleeve and a short-sleeve t-shirt with the same design, etc.), be sure to specify this in your description. REMEMBER: If the image of your item is hand-drawn, please identify where the item’s artwork/logo/etc. will be placed.

*NOTE on VCOM Logo Usage:  You are not required to use the VCOM logo on your fundraising item. However, if you would like to use the VCOM logo, our Marketing Department will also need to weigh in (Marketing Approval is included as part of this form’s process – no extra paperwork required for you!). 

When thinking about incorporating the VCOM logo:

  • Keep in mind that the Primary Logo is strongly preferred
  • Horizontal Logos may be approved if the imprint area:
    • is smaller than 1”,
    • has a “strongly horizontal” rather than vertical orientation, or
    • if the overall aesthetic would be improved by using the horizontal logo

You may NOT alter the VCOM logo in any way (i.e.: don’t make it pink, don’t put a box around it, don’t chop off part of it, don’t add anything inside the “O”, etc.).  Alterations will not be approved.

VCOM Brand Guide: Identity and Style Manual

This Identity and Style Manual includes standards student organization's use of the official college logo, other graphic representations of the college, and verbal statements of VCOM’s purpose, mission and message. Feel free to contact the webadmin [at] (Office of Communications, Marketing, Website and Publications) for approval or for questions regarding logo usage.

Merchandise Artwork Upload
Upload pictures or mock-ups of merchandise you have received from vendors with appropriate logos on the item. Maximum file upload size is 2MB. Please obtain HIGH RESOLUTION logos from your campus student services coordinator prior to uploading mock-ups.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png.
Financial Impact
Please note: VCOM organizations must seek donations to their organization, rather than selling items for profit.
Cost Analysis