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Center for Institutional, Faculty and Student Success

The Center for Institutional, Faculty and Student Success has been developed to advance the quality of teaching and learning by promoting a college culture where the VCOM community works collaboratively to champion educational excellence.

Center for Success Brochure
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About the Center

The Center for Institutional, Faculty and Student Success was created in August 2014 as a resource for the VCOM community and is a place for the encouragement and support for teaching at all levels, and for the success of student learning. The Center provides students with additional resources to address issues that may be impeding their progress; from academic to personal issues. The Center also works to advance the quality of education by providing faculty with resources, programs and support that promote excellence in teaching. The Center believes that the success of students is the responsibility of the College as a whole and as such the College will use student learning outcomes to guide future programs with the Center.


  • To support faculty in finding their own most effective approaches to teaching and to work to identify and disseminate good teaching practices.
  • To support students and faculty referred by the Medical Education and Clinical Affairs departments.
  • To inspire and teach faculty to develop new learning and teaching strategies that engage a diverse student body.
  • To collaborate and provide feedback and consultation with faculty to help them identify methods for improving classroom performance.
  • To educate faculty and assist them to integrate formative assessment strategies into curriculum design.
  • To orient new faculty and provide them with the resources needed to begin instruction and to fully develop their style of teaching.
  • To design and conduct professional development activities, including those driven by College instructional initiatives and faculty interests.
  • To support student learning and success through a data driven, multi-layered student intervention programs designed to address individual student needs.
  • To ensure course alignment both internally, through alignment of learning objectives, assessments and instructional strategies, and externally to national assessments. To ensure the AACOM core competencies, and professional discipline recommendations.
  • To serve as an information resource for the College to assess student learning outcomes in their individual courses, at the program-level, and at the campus-wide level.
  • To track annual and longitudinal data trends of institutional outcomes and develop strategies for improvement as needed.
  • To support faculty and administration in educational research and to assess the success of new curriculum or curriculum delivery methods.