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Outreach in El Salvador

VCOM’s health initiative in El Salvador began with a mobile unit visiting remote villages and children’s homes, and evolved into a partnership with the El Salvador Ministry of Health, the Evangelical University Medical School, and AMILAT foundation, establishing a three-story medical clinic known as the Shalom Medical Center. This state-of-the-art clinic, located in one of the poorest communities of San Salvador, is equipped with a pediatric suite, primary care services, prenatal services, a laboratory, and a pharmacy. VCOM provides regular medical care for more than 500 families and three orphanages in the community, in addition to scheduled care for the rural and medically underserved areas of Chalatenango and Sonsonate.

Professional Collaboration

VCOM has collabrated with the Presbyterian School of Pharmacy to provide opportunities for the Presbyterian pharmacy students to participate in annual outreach trips and rotations. VCOM also partners with Evangelical medical school in San Salvador for sharing of medical education and outreach programs.

Partnerships Providing Care

AMILAT, a local foundation in El Salvador, was the primary developer of the Shalom Medical Center clinic. AMILAT’s school and orphanage in El Salvador are conveniently located a few blocks from the clinic.

VCOM also developed a partnership with the Decameron Resort to provide primary medical care for low-resource students of the Sonsonate Primary School and their families, located in a remote village between San Salvador and the resort. Additionally, VCOM’s faculty and student teach an annual First Responder Training workshop for resort employees.