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Computer Requirements

All new or incoming VCOM students are required to have a laptop that is not greater than 3 years old.  In addition, any new laptops purchased by current students must meet or exceed the VCOM computer requirements listed below.

Due to the VCOM curriculum and testing software we require, these minimum hardware requirements should be met to be successful.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Operating System Windows® 10 OS X Version 10.12: Sierra or higher
RAM 8 GB or higher 8 GB or higher
Hard Disk 128 GB (Solid State, SSD) or higher 128 GB (Solid State, SSD) or higher
Processor Intel i5 or higher Intel i5 or higher
Network 802.11 AC or 802.11 N 802.11 AC or 802.11 N

Additional Highly Recommended Accessories:

  • 128 GB+ External Hard Drive for file back up
  • Personal Printer
  • 4 GB+ USB Memory stick