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The Study Chunk

1. Deep Study

  • Deep study should last for no more than 1½ hours, but should be shorter if you are not focused or the content is harder.
  • Deep study can be exactly how you study now except that instead of just listening to VCOMTV or reading through the PowerPoint, you must frequently stop to summarize or ask yourself questions (every few slides) to make sure you are thinking and pulling information together (active learning).
  • You will stop wherever you are after 1 ½ hours (whether you are finished with the lecture or not) and complete the other steps.

2. Self-Check

  • Self-check lasts for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Self-check has 2 purposes: to help you gauge what you know and don’t know from your deep study and to make sure you do something active to pull the information together.
  • Self-check must be active and at a higher level of understanding (i.e. a few practice questions, concept-maps, teaching the concept to someone or an imaginary someone.)
  • Self-check cannot be checking memorization stuff (do that as a separate component).
  • Doing practice questions the night before the test is too late for full benefit!

3. Break

  • The length of your break will vary each chunk depending on what you want to do during the break but should be at least 10 minutes.

4. Preview

  • Preview lasts for 10 – 15 minutes and is for 1 lecture per Study Chunk.
  • During preview you are not studying, but are familiarizing yourself with main ideas/new vocabulary for class the next day.
  • After you finish the preview, which is the last step of the Study Chunk, you will start a new Study Chunk by picking up where you left off with the lecture you have not completed yet or, if finished, will start a new lecture.