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Family Medicine

Family medicine is a challenging field that requires life-long learning skills. Medicine is changing constantly, and physicians in this specialty must stay informed in order to care for patients of all ages. The greatest reward of practicing family medicine is building long-term patient partnerships and caring for the patient in body, mind and spirit from birth until death. The practice of family medicine requires a strong sense of compassion, sharing in many joys and hardships with patients and their families throughout life.

Family physicians may choose to care for all patients, or may focus on a specific are such as obstetrics, pediatrics or geriatrics. One might also choose to provide ambulatory office procedures, including but not limited to dermatology, gynecology, sports medicine, minor orthopedics and endoscopy. Fellowships are available for family physicians who wish to further their clinical skills in specific areas.

Discipline Chair
Johnny Stackhouse, DO
Discipline Chair, Family Medicine


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Discipline Chair for Family Medicine
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