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Virginia Campus GraduationVirginia Campus Commencement

Date: Friday, May 24, 2019
Time:  10-12:30
Location: Burruss Hall - Virginia Tech

Graduation will take place in Burruss Hall on the campus of Virginia Tech.  Burruss Hall is located on the Drillfield and is handicap accessible with entrances located in the rear of the building. Attendance is required for all graduates.

Handicap accessibility

  • From Prices Fork Road, turn right onto Strager Road.
  • Go past parking lots on your right. Turn right onto Old Turner Street (the street sign will be on the left of Strager Rd).
  • Follow Old Turner Street, around the grassy median and through the cross bars. Park here or continue on driving the sidewalk area, stopping just before the stairs.
  • Burruss Hall will be on your left. Look for orange VCOM sign and assistant to help you the rest of the way (see yellow "Burruss Hall" on map).

Coming Soon

All students are asked to complete the order form below to receive graduation announcements and your personalized graduation gift. If you are ordering extra announcements, payment by credit card can be made online.

  • Graduation Announcements Order Form [ORDER FORM WILL BE ACTIVE EARLY 2019]

We will provide, free of charge, to all graduating students:

  • Graduation Announcements: Fifteen (15) announcements and Fifteen (15) envelopes
  • Name Cards: Twenty-five (25) personalized name cards to include in announcements
  • Notecards: Twenty-five (25) blank note cards and twenty-five (25) envelopes (can be used to write personal notes to go along with your announcements or keep them for thank you notes)
  • Military Promotion Ceremony Announcements:Fifteen (15) announcements and fifteen (15) envelopes for each HPSP recipient

On a first-come, first-served basis, while supplies last, you may purchase:

  • Extra announcements, $1 each
  • Extra namecards, $4 for twenty-five (25) namecards
  • Extra notecards, $1 for five (5) notecards
  • Extra military announcements, free while supplies last

Coming Soon

Coming Soon